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The Original IRON MAN

2018.09.28 20:21 Tales_of_the_Trivial The Original IRON MAN

In 2004, New Line Cinema was developing IRON MAN from a script by David Hayter ("X2: X-Men United") and Al Gough & Miles Miller ("Smallville"). Nick Cassevetes ("The Notebook") was attached to direct, with Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx and Famke Janssen circling the lead roles of Tony Stark, James Rhodes and Bethany Cabe. Cruise ultimately passed on the role, and Hugh Jackman was briefly approached before the project was retooled into what would become Jon Favreau's movie starring Robert Downey Jr. This was the original treatment, which as you can see, inspired the final product quite a bit.

Genius inventor Tony Stark is the estranged son of weapons manufacturer Howard Stark, who blames Tony for his mother’s death in a boating accident. Tony refuses to build weapons and leaves his father’s conglomerate, Stark Ironworks, to start his own company, Stark Innovations, whose greatest achievement is the Repulsor technology primed to revolutionize space flight. Tony’s best friend, engineer James Rhodes, reluctantly decides not to accompany him and instead becomes Howard’s chief of security, straining their friendship.
Tony’s ex-girlfriend, Homeland Security agent Bethany Cabe, confronts him with newly-acquired evidence that someone is arming America’s political rivals with advanced weapons technology based on his designs. Tony accuses Howard’s business partner, Justin Hammer, of stealing his creations, and is later targeted by a drone and severely wounded, forcing him to wear an advanced chestplate to prevent heart failure. Rhodes realizes Tony was right about Hammer and is in danger, and extracts him to a secret workshop at Catskills Mountains, where Tony and Rhodes work together to build an advanced prototype exoskeleton. Meanwhile, Cabe is captured and tortured by Hammer after learning that Stark Ironworks is financing criminal organization Rising Dawn, but Tony finds and rescues her with his prototype.
Tony attempts to alert his father of Hammer’s crimes, only to learn that Howard is the true mastermind behind the conspiracy and is planning to assassinate the President of the United States at the behest of his associate, corrupt Vice-President Peter Benton, who will then authorize the use of Stark Ironworks' Repulsor-based weaponry by the U.S. military to subjugate foreign countries, as part of a larger masterplan to subjugate the entire planet. Howard intends to disable the President's Stark-issued "biochip" that allows the Secret Service to track him, causing a fatal heart attack.
Tony survives an assassination attempt by Howard and disables the satellite that Howard would use to sabotage the President's biochip, but his suit is damaged by the altitute and crash-lands in the ocean, allowing Rising Dawn to capture Tony and study his design before he rescued by Bethany and Rhodes. Tony informs the President of Howard’s crimes, but is despondent when the President orders an airstrike on Howard’s yacht, blaming himself for his father’s death.
Exposed, Rising Dawn attacks Washington, D.C. with advanced Repulsor-based weaponry provided by Howard. Bethany and Rhodes encourage Tony to fight on, and Tony confesses his feelings for Bethany before joining the battle against Rising Dawn in a heavily armed suit, earning him the designation “Iron Man” from the military. Tony manages to lure Rising Dawn into a trap and disables their weapons with a secret kill switch he had installed in all his designs, allowing the military to subdue them. While he is away, his radio's signal is traced to the workshop, which is attacked by the mysterious War Machine, who kidnaps Bethany to lure Tony into a confrontation at Stark Ironworks's headquarters in Los Angeles.
Arriving there, Tony learns that Howard is War Machine, having survived the yacht’s explosion and develop his own suit based on Tony’s design. Howard kills Bethany, leading to a vicious battle in which Tony defeats him, but chooses to spare him. Refusing to accept defeat, Howard attempts to kill Tony with a missile, but it malfunctions, killing him instead. Tony replaces Howard as CEO of Stark Ironworks, which he rebrands as “Stark Industries” and turns into a humanitarian organization. Hammer is arrested and provides Homeland Security with information on which terrorist organizations Howard armed as part of his plan. Rhodes intercepts the intel, and Tony sets out to honor Bethany’s memory by dismantling the organizations and destroying the weapons he inadvertently created, embracing the mantle of Iron Man.

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