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Primaria 4 (Parte 3)

2020.03.30 08:20 Zalogon Primaria 4 (Parte 3)

愛 案 以 衣 囲 位 胃 印 英 栄 塩 億 加 果 貨 課 芽 改 械 害 街 各 覚 完 官 関 管 観 願 希 季 紀 喜 旗 器 機 議 求 泣 救 給 挙 漁 共 協 鏡 競 極 訓 軍 郡 径 型 景 芸 欠 結 健 験 建 固 好 航 候 康 功 告 差 菜 最 材 昨 札 刷 察 殺 参 産 散 残 士 氏 史 司 試 辞 治 児 失 借 種 周 祝 順 初 松 笑 唱 焼 照 賞 象 信 臣 省 清 成 静 席 積 折 説 節 浅 戦 選 然 争 倉 巣 束 側 続 卒 孫 帯 隊 達 単 置 仲 貯 兆 腸 低 底 停 的 典 伝 徒 努 灯 堂 働 特 得 毒 熱 念 敗 梅 博 飯 飛 費 必 票 標 付 府 不 夫 副 粉 兵 別 辺 変 便 包 法 望 牧 末 満 未 脈 民 無 約 勇 要 養 浴 利 陸 良 料 量 輪 類 令 冷 例 歴 連 老 労 録

松 Pine Tree

訓読み- まつ
音読み- No importa tanto :D
松(まつ) Pine tree
(浜松) はままつ City

笑 Reir

訓読み- わ・え
音読み- ショウ
笑う(わらう) Reirse
笑顔(えがお) Sonrisa
爆笑(ばくしょう) soltar risas
聴衆は皆爆笑した。 The whole audience erupted in laughter
彼の冗談はクラス全員を爆笑させた。His joke made all the class burst into laughter.

唱 chant

訓読み- とな
音読み- No importa tanto
唱える(となえる) to chant

焼 Asar

訓読み- や
音読み- ショウ
焼く(やく) asar
焼ける(やける) se asa
全焼(ぜんしょう) burned down
家は全焼した。The house was burned to the ground
焼肉(やきにく) Yakiniku
焼き鳥(やきとり) yakitori
たこ焼き(たこやき) takoyaki
日焼け(ひやけ) sunburn
夕焼け(ゆうやけ) The afterglow of sunset (not the sunset per se)
夕焼けがあると翌日は晴れることが多い。An evening glow often promises good weather the next day

照 iluminar

訓読み- て
音読み- ショウ
照らす(てらす) to illuminate
照れる(てれる) sentir pena
「いやあ、そんなに褒められたら照れるなあ」No me elogies tanto uwu, stop it
彼は彼女のいる前ではとても照れくさそうにする。He acts very shy in her presence.
対照(たいしょう) contraste
赤は青と美しい対照をなす。Red contrasts well with blue
その二つの考えの対照は非常に際立っている。The contrast between the two ideas is very marked
参照(さんしょう) bibliographical reference
前記参照 See above
5ページの下記を参照してください。 See the footnote on page 5
10ページを参照してください Please see page 10
作家はよく辞書をお参照する Writers often refer to a dictionary
冷蔵庫を修理するなら取り扱い説明書を参照しなさい。Refer to the instructions to fix the refrigerator
日照り(ひでり) Drought
日照りが作物に大損害を与えた the drought has caused great harm to the crops

賞 premio

訓読み- No tiene :D
音読み- ショウ
賞(しょう) premio metaforico; bragging rights (?)
賞品(しょうひん) El Premio; el producto concreto que te dan por ganar (trofeos, juguetes, etc)
Comments de japos:
賞品は 賞として与えられる品物です
賞 is just award for gain fame. (Champion)
賞品 is award gift.ex money, gift card and car... (champion belt)
一等賞(いっとうしょう) First prize
受賞(じゅしょう) obtención de premio (se implica que aceptaste el premio)
マザー・テレサはノーベル賞を受賞した。 Madre teresa obtuvo el premio Nobel
芥川賞の受賞を辞退したいのですが。May I excuse myself from receiving the Akutagawa price?
賞金(しょうきん) Prize money
鑑賞(かんしょう) Apreciación (de algo de calidad)
よい音楽を鑑賞することっはそれほど難しいことではない。It’s not so difficult to appreciate good music
音楽鑑賞が趣味だ。I am interested in appreciating music.
彼は芸術に対する鑑賞力がある。 He has an eye for art
彼は文学を正しく鑑賞できるようになった。He learned to appreciate literature
この部屋の隅に観賞植物を置きたい。In this corner of thee room I’d like to put a house plant
賞賛(しょうさん) praise; admiration
彼は人命救助で賞賛された He was praised for saving a life
彼は作家として賞賛されている He is admired as a writer
その絵は賞賛のまとだった。The painting was object of admiration
彼の勇気は賞賛に値する His courage is worthy of praise.

象 Elefante

訓読み- No importa tanto
音読み- ゾウ・ショウ
像(ぞう) Elefante
印象(いんしょう) Impresión
この話をすると彼は間違った印象を与えるんじゃないかな。 I’m afraid the story will give him a wrong impression
彼女は何事にもあまり関心がないような印象を与える。She gives the impression of not caring much about anything.
対象(たいしょう) target; Objeto (de estudio, de criticismo, investigación, etc);
彼の著作は非難の対象となった。His book became an object of criticism.
輸入品は高い課税対象だ。Import goods are subject to high taxes
企業の政治団体っは厳しい検査の対象になっています。Corporate political donations are coming under heavy scrutiny
彼は研究の対象を広げた。 He expanded his research.
この歴史書は高校生を対処に書かれている。This history book is written for high school students.
子供を対象とした本 A book targeted to children
調査の対象はなんですか。 What are you going to make a survey of?
現象(げんしょう) fenómeno (natural, social, etc)
イナズマは電気による一現象である。 Lightning is an electrical phenomenon.
その現象は今の時代に特有のものだ。The phenomenon is typical of our modern era
月食っは珍しい現象だ。An eclipse of the moon is a rare phenomenon
抽象的(ちゅうしょうてき) Abstracto
幸福の観念はきわめて抽象的だ。The idea of happiness is extremely abstract.

信 Creer

信じる(しんじる) Creer; confiar
人々はかつて世界は平らだと信じていた。People once believed the world was flat
私は信心深い男で、死後の生命の存在を信じています。 Soy un hombre religioso y creo en la existencia de la vida después de la muerte
信じ込ませる(しんじこませる) hacer que alguien crea algo; meterle la idea en la cabeza
彼女は私にその話をまんまと信じ込ませた。She cheated me into accepting the story
彼は彼女を説得して自分の言ったことを信じ込ませた。He reasoned her into believing what he said
私にはそれをやる能力が十分にある事を彼に信じ込ませようとした。I tried to convince him that I was perfectly capable of it.
信頼(しんらい) reliance on something/someone; faith
彼の、証明済みの能力は、信頼できます。You can rely on his proven ability
彼の能力を全面的に信頼している。I have every confidence in his ability
私は、父の信頼に背かぬようにしなければならない。I must live up to my father’s faith in me
2、3の欠点を別にすれば、彼は信頼できるパートナーだ。Apart from a few faults, he is a trustworthy partner
A clever lawyer might be 信用できないが信頼できる to the client, and your nice but incompetent friend is 信用できるが信頼できない to you.
確信(かくしん) conviction
彼はそれをカレーだと確信している。He is sure of it being curry.
彼の成功を確信している。 I am convinced of his success
彼は自分が潔白であることを私に確信させた。He convinced me of his innocence
信用(しんよう) Trust
あなたは私が信用できるたった一人の人です。You are the only person that I can trust
経歴のわからない人間を信用してはいけない。Don’t trust a man whose past you know nothing about.
彼は信用を失った。He lost his honor
自信(じしん) Self-confidence
彼は試合に勝つ自信がある He is confident he’ll win the game
信号(しんごう) Semáforo
信号が青になるまで待ちなさい。 Wait till the light turns green

臣 Enorme

訓読み- No tiene
音読み- キョ
巨大(きょだい) Enorme; huge; gigantic
巨大な肉の塊が当たった。I was hit by a good chunk of meat
その小さい男の子は目を大きく見開いて巨大な像を見た。The little boy gazed at the huge elephant, eyes wide open
巨人(きょじん) Even juro destruir todos y cada uno de ellos :v

省 looking back

訓読み- はぶ・かえり
音読み- セイ
省く(はぶく) leave out; omitir algo para ahorrar; librar
洗濯機のおかげで主婦はずいぶん手間が省ける Washing machines spare housewives a lot of trouble
コンピューターは我々から多くの時間と手間を省いてくれる Computers save us a lot of time and trouble
この2行は省くべきだ You should leave out these two lines
この機会のおかげで私たちは大いに手間暇が省ける。Thanks to the opportunity, we were able to avoid substantial effort.
その橋のおかげで彼らは時間と労力が大いに省けた。The bridge saved them a lot of time and trouble
省略(しょうりゃく) quitar algo para acortar;
その本の最後章は省略してよい。You can omit the last chapter of the book
この句では前置詞を省略できるYou can omit the preposition in this phrase.
レポートのこの部分は省略できる。This part of the report may be left out
最後の2節を省略して歌いましょうか We'll sing that song, omitting the last two verses
その本の最終章は省略してよいYou can omit the last chapter of the book
省みる(かえりみる) looking back
Nota: encontré muchos ejemplos que usan 省みず que se puede interpretar como “regardless”
彼は危険をかえりみず勇気を示した Mostró coraje sin mirar atrás, donde estaba el peligro
彼女は費用を顧みず家を飾りたてた She decorated her house regardless of cost
彼は俗事をかえりみず研究に没頭した He applied himself to his study, without thought for his normal life
困難を省みず前進すべし You should try to make your way despite all the difficulties
省みて、我が人生に悔い(くい)なし looking back at my life, I got no regrets.
Comments de un japo:
反省(はんせい) introspección; analizar tus pensamientos y acciones
彼は自分の過ちを反省した He reflected on his errors
彼は自分自身の考えを反省した He reflected on his own thoughts
少し反省すれば、君は間違っていることがわかるでしょう A little reflection will show you that you are wrong
人々が我々について言っていることが真実であることを反省してみると粛然とせざるをえない How awful to reflect that what people say of us is true
Comments de un japo:
帰省(きせい) homecoming; returning home
彼は休暇で帰省中です。He is home on leave
7年ぶりに帰省しました。After an absence of seven years I went home
内務省(ないむしょう) Home ministry

清 pure

訓読み- きよ
音読み- セイ
清い(きよい) metaphorically pure
心の清い人たちは幸いである Blessed are the pure in heart
清める(きよめえる) to purify
心を清める Purification of the mind.
清潔(せいけつ) literally pure; clean; pulcro
君の手は清潔ですか Are your hands clean?
部屋を清潔にしておきなさい Keep your room clean
工場は石炭から、より清潔な燃料への転換を強く要求されている Factories have been urged to switch from coal to a cleaner fuel
清算(せいさん) saldar deudas
私があなたに1ドル払えば清算がつく If I pay you 1 dollars we’ll be even
彼は死んで罪を清算した。He committed suicide to atone for his sin.
清掃(せいそう) a clean up
美術館の東の陳列等は清掃のため閉鎖されていた The museum’s eastern gallery was closed for cleaning

成 To become

訓読み- な
音読み- セイ
成る(なる) to become
完成(かんせい) completion
その仕事は大部分完成した The work has been almost completed.
そのような仕事を完成したことを私は誇りに思っている I am proud of having accomplished such a task
君の助けがないと完成できない He is equal to the task
成功(せいこう) success
賛成(さんせい) Support; Approval
先生は彼の計画に賛成した The teacher approved his plan
私はあらゆる言論の自由に賛成だ I stand for freedom of speech for everyone
ブラックさんがその計画に賛成する見込みがありますか Is there any likelihood that Mr Black will agree to the plan.
構成(こうせい) constituir; componer; conformar; constistuir
アメリカ合衆国は50州から構成されている The USA is composed of 50 states
水は水素と酸素で構成されている Water consists of hydrogen and oxygen
この芝居は2つの短い場面で構成されているThis drama consists of just two short scenes
水は水素と酸素で構成されているWater consists of hydrogen and oxygen
成長(せいちょう) growth
食物がどれだけ成長に影響があるのか分かっている We know how food affects growth
日本経済は急速に成長したThe Japanese economy developed rapidly
彼は成長して医者になった He grew up to be a doctor
小さな村が大きな都市に成長した A small village grew into a large city
教育にもっとお金をかければ経済成長に拍車がかかるだろう More money for education will spur economic growth
成績(せいせき) calificación de examen
成る程(なるほど) oh, I see

静 quiet

訓読み- しず
音読み- セイ
静か(しずか) silencioso
静岡(しずおか) Shizuoka (city)
冷静(れいせい) tranquilo; calmado; peaceful (mind)
彼女はお知らせを冷静に受け止めた。She took the news calmly
事態は、私たちの冷静な判断力を必要としてる。The situation calls for our cool judgement
あなたは冷静を保った。えらい。I admire you for keeping your head.
彼は混乱の真っ只中にあっても冷静だ。He remains cool amidst confusion
彼は危険を前にしても冷静だった。He remained calm even in the presence of danger
彼の冷静な言葉で私恐怖は和らいだ。His calm words allayed my fear
その娘はたいそう美しいので非常に冷静な男でさえも彼女に惹かれる。That girl is so beautiful that she attracts even the most self possessed of men
平静(へいせい) tranquility; Peaceful (state)
彼はやがて平静に戻った。He soon recovered his composure
トムは平静を保とうとした。Tom tried to stay calm.
彼は徐々に平静を取り戻した He gradually recovered his temper
平静を保てないと君は地位を失うことになるよ You will lose your position if you don’t keep your temper
彼は平静なようだったが実のところはとてもあがっていた He looked calm, but actually he was very nervous
校内はようやく平静に戻った The campus finally became peaceful again.
群衆は平静に退散した The crowd dispersed quietly [peacefully].
Notas de un japo:
平静 is not commonly used except for the following two forms: “世界は平静を保っているように見えた" The world seemed kept peaceful. ”彼は平静を装っていた” He pretended to be calm.
Notas de otro japo:
”彼は冷静だった": Natural ”彼は平静だった": Unnatural
Notas de otro japo:
街はようやく{×冷静/○平静}になった (冷静さを失う is fine though)
静まる(しずまる) calmarse
海をじっと眺めていると私は気が静まる感じがする。When I contemplate the sea, I feel calm
風が静まった。Ya se calmó el viento

席 Asiento; posición

訓読み- No tiene
音読み- セキ
席(せき) lugar (asignado o por asignar); posición
窓側の席がいいです。I’d like a window seat.
席を確保するには列に並びさえすればいい All you have to do to secure a seat is wait in line
彼の辞職で官僚の席に空きができた。His resignation left a vacancy in the cabinet
出席(しゅっせき) Attendance
欠席(けっせき) absence, non-attendance
座席(ざせき) asiento literal
彼らはお互いに座席を交換した。They exchanged seats with each other.
座席ベルトをおしめください。 Fasten your seatbelt
座席をとっておいてください。Please save my place
私に席を譲っていただき、本当にありがとうございます。 Gracias por ofrecerme tu asiento
出席者 (personas) presentes
出席者は40人だった。There were forty people present
空席(くうせき) asiento vacío

積 apilar; acumular

訓読み- つ
音読み- セキ
積む(つむ) to pile up;
雑誌はテーブルの脇の積んである。The magazines are piled up next to the table.
一隻の船に全部を積む冒険をするな。 Don’t risk putting everything in one boat
積み込む(つみこむ) load (cargo into a vehicle)
彼らは今石炭を船に積み込んでいます。They are loading coal into a ship now
積み上げる(つみあげる) to build up over time
一族が苦労して積み上げてきたものを、お前は一瞬で反故にするつもりか。Do you plan to throw away in one instant what our family has painstakingly built up
雪が塀に吹き寄せて積み上がった。The snow banked up against the wall
積もる(つもる) something is piled up
新雪が丘に積もって美しく見える。 The fresh snow looks beautiful on the hill
小道に落ち葉は厚く積もっていた。Leaves lay thick in the lane
積極的(せっきょくてき) activo; asertivo
人々に善行を施すのに積極的であれ。Be active in doing good for people
あの学生はとても積極的だ。That student is very active
彼女は婦人解放運動で積極的な役割をした。She played a part in the women’s liberation movement
彼は積極的なセールスマンの典型だ He is the very model of an aggressive salesman.
面積(めんせき) Área (matemáticas)
この都市の面積はどれくらいか。What is the area of the city?
縦横8フィートの部屋の面積は64平方フィートである。A room 8 feet square has an area of 64 square feet.
蓄積(ちくせき)する accumulate
賢明な投資をして彼女は一財産を蓄積した。By investing wisely, she accumulated a fortune
日本の学生は知識を蓄積することは大変得意だ。I think that Japanese students are very good at gathering knowledge.
見積もる(みつもる) estimar (una cantidad)
ざっと見積もって、その仕事は二週間かかるだろう。At a rough estimate, I’d say the job will take two weeks
私たちは損失をおできるだけ正確に見積もった。We estimated the losses as exactly as possible

折 Doblar

訓読み- おる
音読み- セツ
折る(おる) fold or break
私に鶴を折ってもらえますか。Will you make me a paper crane?
折れる(おれる) it folds or breaks (intransitivo)
折れるより曲がれ better bend than break
その鳥の翼は折れていた。La ala del pájaro estaba rota
折り紙(おりがみ) origami (literal doblar papel :v)
骨を折る(ほねをおる) romperse un hueso, literal o usado metafóricamente cuando algo te cuesta trabajo y le pusiste empeño (e.i. partirse la madre cabeza)
彼は子供の救育に非常に骨を折った。He took great pains in educating his children
その少年はそのクイズを解くのに骨を折った The boy took great pains to solve the quiz
君ためにできるだけ骨を折ろう I will do all I can for you
彼は野球の試合で足の骨を折った。Se rompió el hueso de la pierna jugando baseball.
折角(せっかく) palabra que describe que algo te costó trabajo o que se esperó pacientemente.
おっと、せっかく時間前に来たのに、ダベッてたら遅刻しちまう。 Whoa, if we keep chatting, despite actually arriving early, we'll end up late!
あーあ、せっかくお母さんには内緒にしてた計画なのに、もうばれちゃった。Oh no... I tried so hard to keep the plan secret from my mom, but she already found out.
時折(ときおり) from time to time (mas literario que ときどき) Comments de un japo:
会話では、「時々」のほうがよく使われます。 「時折」は、もっと文学的な表現や、上品な表現に使います。
折り返し(おりかえし) do something back
折り返し電話するように伝えます。I’ll tell him to call you back
骨折(こっせつ) Fractura

説 advocate

訓読み- と
音読み- セツ
説明(せつめい) Explicación
伝説(でんせつ) Leyenda
説く(とく) to advocate; proponer; preach
彼は、どこへ出かけていっても、愛、忍耐、そしてとりわけ非暴力を説いた。Everywhere he went, he advocated for love, patience, and most of all, non violence
彼を説いてその計画をやめさせようとしたが無駄だった。I tried to talk him out of the project in vain
彼は私達に健康の重要性を説いた He preached to us about the importance of good health
口説く(くどく) Making a pass at someone >トムは一緒に映画を見に行こうと、彼女を口説いた。Tom convinced her into going to the movies with him
説き伏せる(ときふせる) “convince” by nagging
桂子の両親は彼女を説き伏せて彼とのデートを思いとどまらせた Keiko's parents talked her out of dating him
妻は私を説き伏せて新車を買わせようとした My wife tried to persuade me into buying a new car
彼女は、自分と結婚するよう、彼を説き伏せた。She persuaded him to marry her.
説得(せっとく) persuade someone
彼女を説得しようとしても無駄 It's no use trying to persuade her
セールスマンは両親を説得して百貨辞典を買わせた。The salesman talked my parents into buying a set of encyclopedias
彼女は、数ペニーを節約するために半時間を浪費するなと、彼を説得できなかった。She could not persuade him not to waste half an hour to save a few pennies
演説(えんぜつ) speech
彼の演説はとても説得力がある His speech is very eloquent
昨日大統領が言った演説は支持者を喜ばせた。The speech made by the president yesterday delighted his supporters

節 estaciones (comodín)

訓読み- No importa tanto
音読み- セツ
季節(きせつ) Las estaciones del año
節約(せつやく) economize; saving time/money (by not spending as much or by doing more efficiently)
その機械の働きは労働を節約すること The function of the machine is to save work
こうすれば数時間の節約ができます。 In this way you can save several hours
タクシーで行くかわりにバスで行くのは節約になる。It’s more economical to go by bus instead of taking a taxi
バーゲエンセールを利用してお金を節約しよう。Let’s take advantage of the bargain and save money
燃料の節約がこの自動車の大きな特徴だ。Fuel economy is a major distinction of the car
調節(ちょうせつ) Adjustment
このつまみを回すことでテレビの色を調節できます。 You can adjust the color of the TV by turning this knob
この机は子供たちに合わせて高さが調節できる You can adjust this desk to the height of any child
一節(いっせつ) a written passage
その本の一節をノートに書き写した。I copied a passage from the book into my notebook
関節(かんせつ) joint; articulación (bone joints, not weed lol)
右腕の関節脱臼したようです。I’m afraid I dislocated my right arm
左肩の関節が痛みます。The joint of my left shoulder aches
気温が下がると関節が痛むんだ。My joints ache when it gets cold

浅 shallow

訓読み- あさ
音読み- No importa tanto
浅い(あさい) shallow
この川はあそこで浅くなっている。This river become shallow at that point
川はここで浅くなっている。歩いて渡れるよ。The river is shallow here, we can walk across
眠りが浅いのです。I’m a light sleeper

戦 lucha

訓読み- たたか
音読み- セン
戦う(たたかう) battle; batallar; luchar; pushing through a struggle
正義のために戦う I fight in the cause of justice
私は眠気と戦った。I fought against sleep
戦い(たたかい) battle; batalla;struggle; lucha
飢えとの戦い a battle against hunger
彼は率先して公害と戦った。He took thee lead in fighting pollution
戦い抜く(たたかいぬく) to fight to the bitter end
戦闘(せんとう) combate armado
彼はその戦闘で負傷した。He was wounded in the battle
ここの戦闘にっはみな勝っても戦争に負けることがある You can win all the battles yet lose the war
挑戦(ちょうせん) challenge someone or oneself
彼はしばしば挑戦的態度に出る He often takes a defiant attitude towards us
スカイダイビングに挑戦したいのです。I’d like to try out skydiving
もし夢を実現させたいのなら、挑戦を続けなさい。If you want to make your dreams come true, keep on trying
水泳で世界記録に挑戦するつもりだ。I am going to establish a new world record for swimming
兄は何度も試験に挑戦して、最後には合格した My brother tried many times to pass the examination, finally succeeding
運転試験の2度目の挑戦で運転免許をとることができた I got my driver's license on the second time I tried to pass the driver's test
comments de un japo
作戦(さくせん) Strategy; operation plan; tactics
その軍団は先頭中多くの輝かしい作戦に従事した。The army was involved in a number of brilliant actions during battle
この作戦に対する脅威は数多い The threats to this strategy are numerous

選 choose

訓読み- えら
音読み- セン
選ぶ(えらぶ) elegir
選手(せんしゅ) player (sports)
選択(せんたく)する seleccionar (elegir formal)
選挙(せんきょ) election (política)
選出(せんしゅつ) to be elected; to elect
彼は人民によって選出されたことを誇りに思った He was proud that he was elected by the people
私たちは彼を市長に選出しました。We elected him mayor

然 Nature

訓読み- No importa tanto
音読み- ゼン
全然(ぜんぜん) Absolutely (yes, or no depending on the verb/adjective tense)
当然(とうぜん) Naturally expected; obvious
当然だ、人間はそこまで愚かじゃない Of course, humans are not that stupid
自然(しぜん) Naturaleza
人間は自然の前には無力だ。Humans are powerless before nature
メグの髪は自然にカーツする Meg’s hair curls naturally
突然(とつぜん) abrupto e inesperado
彼女は突然笑い出した。All of a sudden, she began to laugh
偶然(ぐうぜん) Coincidencia
同然(どうぜん) same in nature; pretty much
彼は、人殺しも同然だ。 He is no better than a murderer
警官は凶器を持った強盗の頭を打った。その強盗は即死も同然だった。Police shot the armed robber in the head, he died pretty much instantly
その車は新品同然だ The Car looked good as new
彼の回復は全く奇跡も同然であった。 His recovery was nothing short of a miracle
ジェーンは金槌同然泳げない。Jane nada tal cual martillo (Jane no sabe nadar)
あの占い師は嘘つき同然だ。That fortune-teller is no better than a liar
私たちは兄弟も同然だ。We are like brothers.

争 contender

訓読み- あらそ
音読み- ソウ
争う(あらそう) contender
彼らは賞を目指して争っている They are contending for the prize
私は一等賞をめざして彼と争った I competed with him for the first prize
試合は終始一点を争うシーソーゲームだった The game was one point back and forth the whole game
言い争う(いいあらそう) to quarrel; to dispute; arguing (to reason who is in the right)
彼らと言い争ってみても無駄だ。It’s no good arguing with him (he won’t listen)
その姉妹はいつも言い争ってばかりいた。The two sisters were always quarrelling with each other
争い(あらそい) contienda (en varios contextos)
彼らの争いは誤解に基づくものだ。la contienda entre ellos surgió de un malentendido
財産分与が争いの種だった。La división de la propiedad era el origen de la contienda
その争いの後、双方に多数の死者が出た。Despues de la contienda, había un gran numero de muertos en ambos lados
待ちのほか地域で絵は争いが続けた。In other areas of the city, the fighting continued.
私は争いを避けようとした。I tried to avoid contention.
ポスト争いは激しい。La contienda por el puesto está intensa.
Notas de un japo:
争いは、相手に勝とうとすること 戦いは、相手を倒そうとすること
戦争(せんそう) Guerra
彼はテレビでその戦争の時代的背景を説明した。He explained the political background of the war on tv
競争(きょうそう) Competencia (nuance de carreritas, pero se usa en otros contextos igual)
バスの停留所まで競争しよう。I’ll race you to the bus stop.
ゆっくりと着実なのが競争に勝つ Slow and steady wins the race
我々は海外の業者からの競争に直面している We face competition from foreign suppliers
その会社は競争の激化のあおりを受けて、倒産した。Having fallen victim to increased competition, the company went bankrupt
私たちの会社はライバル企業に金利競争で敗れた。We lost out to our rival in price competition.
彼女は大食い競争で一番になった。She got first prize in the eating contest.
論争(ろんそう) debate; disputa (la versión política de 言い争う) nuance de controversia. Aumentativo: 大論争 (だいろんそう)
ビルは論争が巧みだ。Bill is skillful in arguing and debating
彼の大胆な計画は大きな論争を巻き起こした。His bold plan gave rise to much controversy
新しい学校の建設地については論争があった。There was a controversy about the location of the new school
彼の後継者についての問題はまだ論争中だ。The matter of his successor is still under debate
陪審団による有罪評決が大論争の引き金となった。The jury’s guilty verdict triggered a widespread debate.
私たちは私たちの論争の公平な判定者としてお父さんを選んだ。We chose Father as a neutral judge of our disputes
紛争(ふんそう) Conflicto
紛争のない人間社会はありえない。 There can be no human society without conflict
外交的な対話によって、その紛争に終止符を打つことができた。Diplomatic dialogue helped put an end to the conflict
国家間の紛争は平和的に解決されなければならない。International disputes must be settled peacefully.
核戦争(かくせんそう) Nuclear warfare

倉 Storage

訓読み- くら
音読み- ソウ
倉庫(そうこ) storehouse
車を倉庫に入れなさい。Put the car into the garage
彼は倉庫の警備人として仕事をしている He is working as a security guard at a warehouse
鎌倉時代(かまくらじだい) Kamakura period (1185-1333CE)

巣 Nido

訓読み- す
音読み- ソウ
巣(す) Nido
その鳥は巣の中にいる。Thee bird is in its nest
卵巣(らんそう) Ovarios
精巣(せいそう) Testículos

束 nudo

訓読み- たば
音読み- ソク
束(たば) bundle
彼は小枝を束にした He tied the twigs into bundles
新聞をたばにするのを手伝ってくれ Help me bind the papers into bundles
束ねる(たばねる) anudar; make a bundle
彼女はリボンで髪を束ねた。anudó su cabello con un listón.
彼女は髪を丸く束ねている。She wears her hair in a bun.
彼は、まきを束ねた。He made up a bundle of firewood.
本はひとまとめに束ねてあった。The books were tied up in a bundle.
約束(やくそく) promise
約束を破る break a promise
約束を守る keep a promise
会う約束 appointment; cita
5時半に彼と会う約束がある。I have an appointment with him for five-thirty.

側 side

訓読み- かわ
音読み- No importa tanto
左側(ひだりがわ) left side
米国車のハンドルは左側にある Steering wheels of American cars are on the left side
右側(みぎがわ) right side
アメリカで車は右側通行です In America cars drive on the right side of the road
心臓が右側にあれば異常だ It's abnormal to have the heart on the right side
向こう側(むこうがわ) the other side
その通りの向こう側にホテルがある There's a hotel across the street
外側(そとがわ) the outer side
内側(うちがわ) within
ドアの内側から鍵がかかっていた The door was locked from within
壁は内側が白くて外側は緑である The wall is white within and green outside
窓の内側に男の顔が見えた I saw a man's face inside the window
窓側(まどがわ) the window side
窓側か通路側どちらになさいますか Window or Isle?
窓側の席をお願いします I'd like a window seat, please
反対側(はんたいがわ) the opposite side
「それに、地球の反対側だと考えればそんなに高くはないわよ」と言う "Besides," she says, "it doesn't cost much when you think it's the other side of the world

続 continue

訓読み- つづ
音読み- ゾク
続ける(つづける) I keep doing it
続く(つづく) it continues happening
続き(つづき) continuation. En anime sale al final del episodio tipo “to be continued”
相続(そうぞく) heredar
ジョンは莫大な財産を相続した John inherited a large fortune
彼は父親の大きな土地を相続した He succeeded to his father's large property
彼の親戚たちは、当然自分が彼の莫大な財産を相続すると思った His relatives took it for granted that they would inherit the bulk of his wealth
続々(ぞくぞく) uno tras otro; (quickly)one after the other
劇場から続々と人が出て来た。A stream of people came out of the theatre
今私家の付近に住宅が続々立っている。En mi vecindario se están construyendo viviendas una tras otra.
手続き(てつづき) procedure
とても時間がかかるから空港での手続きに従うのは好きじゃない I dislike going through customs at the airport because it takes so long
ビザを入手する手続きはどうしたらいいですか What is the procedure for getting a visa
銀行融資を受けたいのだけど手続きはどしたらいいの I'd like to get a bank loan, but how do I go about that
私はニューヨークへ飛んだとき2時間前に搭乗手続きをとるようにと言われた When I flew to New York, I was told to check in two hours before my flight
継続(けいぞく) proceed; to carry on
科学者はその研究を継続することを強く要求した The scientist insisted on proceeding with the research
交渉を継続することで合意しました We have agreed to continue the negotiations
討論を継続することを動議します noción para proseguir la discusión
裁判は10日間継続して行われた The trial lasted for ten consecutive days

卒 Graduacion

訓読み- No tiene
音読み- ソツ
卒業式(そつぎょうしき) Ceremonia de graduación.

孫 Descendencia

訓読み- まご
音読み- ソン
孫(まご) grandchild
彼は孫達に囲まれて座っていました。He sat surrounded by his grandchildren
子孫(しそん) Descendencia
子孫に綺麗な、緑の地球を残したい。We want to leave our descendants a clean green earth
孫悟空(そんごくう) Son Gokú :v

帯 móvil

訓読み- おび
音読み- タイ
帯(おび) obi; cinturón tradicional de kimonos
携帯(けいたい) cellphone (abreviación de 携帯電話). Portar (un arma). Traer algo consigo; carry
最近の女子高生は、携帯でメールしているらしい。Lately high school girls are using their phones to exchange e-mail.
アメリカ人は武器の携帯を許されている。Americans have the right too bear arms
この電子辞書は携帯しやすいところが味噌です The good thing about this electronic dictionary is that it’s easy to carry
警官は笛を携帯している。The policeman carries a whistle
包帯(ほうたい) bandages
その看護婦が私頭に、やさしいく包帯を巻いてくれた。The nurse put a bandage gently around my head.
母はジムの切り傷に包帯をした。Mother put a bandage on Jim’s cut.
地帯(ちたい) zona
兵隊達は全員その地帯の地図を持っていた The soldiers were all supplied with a map of the zone
ツンドラ地帯の気候は厳しい。The tundra has a harsh climate
熱帯雨林(ねったいうりん) tropical reinforest

隊 Army squad

訓読み- No tiene :D
音読み- タイ
軍隊(ぐんたい) Army
部隊(ぶたい) unit in the army; army team
私は特殊部隊に勤務する。I work in a special unit
隊長(たいちょう) comandante
兵隊(へいたい) soldado
自衛隊(じえいたい) Japan’s Army

達 reach

訓読み- たち
音読み- タツ
友達(ともだち) Amigo
私達(わたしたち) We
配達(はいたつ) delivery
手紙は毎日配達されます Letters are delivered every day
彼は孤児院にその包みを配達した He delivered the package to the orphanage
私の仕事はバイクでピザを配達することだった My work was to deliver pizza by motorcycle
達人(たつじん) un master; un chingón :v
彼は水泳の達人だ el es un master en la natación
達する(たっする) reach
討論は結論に達した。The discussion came to a conclusion
そのレベルにはまだ達していません I haven't reached the level yet.
そのレベルにはまだ達していません He quit the company before he reached his retirement age.
水は彼の腰の所まで達した The water came up to his waist
彼の声は私たちの耳まで達した His voice reached our ears
先生の言葉が心に達する。 Sensei’s words reached my heart
Nota de un japo:
達する is "reach" in an abstract sense, ie, "Sales reached our quarterly goals," "The number of deaths reached 1,000."
届く is "arrive at" in a physical sense, ie, "The package arrived this morning."

単 Simple

訓読み- No importa tanto
音読み- タン
簡単(かんたん) Simple
単に(たんに) merely; simply
彼は単に好奇心からそれをしただけだ。He did it simply out of curiosity
知恵というものは単に事実を知っているだけではない。Wisdom does not consist of only facts
彼は読むふりをしていたとわかった。I could tell he was merely pretending to read
単語(たんご) Palabra; (vocabulary) word
辞書で単語を調べる Look up the word in the dictionary
単位(たんい) Meaning 1: Unit. Meaning 2: College credits
家族は社会の基本的な単位である The family is the basic unit of society.
センチメートルは長さの単位だ Centimiters are a unit of length
ガソリンはリットル単位で売られる Gasoline is sold by the liter
トマトは1ポンド単位で売られる tomatoes are sold by th pound
靴は一足単位で売られる。Los zapatos se venden por par
私は週単位で支払われる。Me pagan por semana
この科目は何単位ですか。How many credits is this course?
例えば、私は、来年進学する大学の単位が実際にもらえる数学の上級クラスにいます。For example, I am in a high-level math class that actually gives me college credits for next year.
単純(たんじゅん) the simple kind of X as opposed to the complicated kind (not rude). Also, simple-minded, mouth-breathing person (pretty rude).
単なる(たんなる) mere
私はそれは単なる偶然だと思う I think it is a mere coincidence
彼は単なる愚か者でしかない He is nothing but a fool
それは単なる冗談だよ It is a mere joke
彼は単なる利己主義者に過ぎない El no es nada mas que un mero egoísta
単調(たんちょう) Monotonous
私は単調な生活に飽きた。I'm tired of the monotonous life.
芸術は我々の生活の単調さを破ってくれる。Art breaks the monotony of our life.

置 ponedejar

訓読み- お
音読み- チ
置く(おく) ponedejar
彼女はテーブルの上に皿を置いた She set the tray down on the table
机の上に本が置いてある Un libro fue puesto sobre el escritorio
コンサートのチケットを買っておけば良かった hubiera dejado el boleto comprrado
置き忘れる(おきわすれる) dejar olvidado
彼女はとても慌てていたので電車に傘を置き忘れてしまった 彼女はとても慌てていたので電車に傘を置き忘れてしまった
トムは不注意にもバスにカメラを置き忘れた Tom was so careless as to leave his camera in the bus
どうやら電車の中で傘を置き忘れてきたらしい I seem to have left my umbrella behind in the train
放って置く(ほうっておく) dejar en paz; dejar por su cuenta
「私のことはほっておいて」と彼女は怒って "Leave me alone," she said angrily
どうか、私をほっておいてください Please leave me alone
その問題はほっておけ Let the problem alone
ほうっておけば落ち着くよ Let him alone. He'll soon come around by himself
彼はその仕事に飽きて、やりかけたままでほっておいた He got tired of the work, and left it half-done
置き換える reemplazar
現在のバージョンは、アップグレード版で置き換えます We will replace the current version with the upgrade
戦争は私たちの幸せを奪い取って、代わりに恐怖で置きかえたのよ。War has taken away our happiness and replaced it with horror.
中国では漢字の字数が多いから 複雑な繁体字をやめて覚えやすい簡体字に置き換え、識字率を高めることが簡体字推進の目的でした。In China, there is a large number of characters, so the goal of the character simplification was to replace the complex traditional characters with easy to remember simplified characters and increase the literacy rate.
位置(いち) posición 学校は健康的な環境に位置している La escuela está posicionada en un ambiente sano
日本は北半球に位置する Japan is located in the Northern Hemisphere
標識はエスカレーターの位置を示している The sign indicates the location of the escalator
選手達はみな位置についていた All the players were in position
装置(そうち) dispositivo; equipment; device
昨日その装置でちょっとした問題があった。We had a little trouble with the equipment yesterday.
これは電気を作る装置だ this device produces electricity
僕はバイク盗難防止装置を買いました。Compré un dispositivo anti-robos para mi bicicleta
措置(そち) medidas (para lidiar con un problema)
政府はインフレに対するために強硬な措置をとった The government adopted strong measures to fight inflation
政府は感染の拡大を未然に防ぐための適切な措置を取らなかった The government didn't take appropriate measures to prevent the infection from spreading
処置(しょち) course of action
どういう処置を取るかはあなたに任せます I leave it in your hands what course of action to take
早急な処置が必要だ Prompt action is necessary
私たちは必要な処置を講じた We took the necessary course of action
放置(ほうち) dejar descuidado; leave unattended; dejar sin supervisión
注意!窒息する危険があります。これらのバックは乳幼児の近くに放置しないでください。Warning! Risk of suffocation. To avoid danger don't keep it near babies.
インターネットにおける”荒らし”が人に迷惑をかけないようにするためには、何もせずに放置しておけば良いのだ。彼らに”エサ”を与えてはならない。Para hacer que los trolls de internet no molesten no hay que hacer nada, sino dejar de hacer algo. No alimentes a los trolls.
トムは急いでいたので、ベッドを直さず、放置した。Tom was in a hurry so he left his bed unmade.
駅の近くの歩道には何処に行ってもおびただしい数の自転車が放置されているのが見かけられる Wherever you go, you see a lot of bicycles left on sidewalks near stations
雨の中に放置しておくと自転車はさびるでしょう。A bicycle will rust if you leave it in the rain

仲 Nakama

訓読み- なか
音読み- No importa tanto
仲がいい(なかがいい) se llevan bien
彼らは近所の人たちと仲がよい ellos se llevan bien con sus vecinos
仲間(なかま) aliado, alguien con tus mismos objetivos; compañía
仲間たちが私に野望そ果たすよう励ましてくれた。My comrades encouraged me to fulfill my ambitions
彼は悪い仲間につかまった He fell among bad companions
人は交わる仲間によって知られるということができよう It may be said that a man is known by the company he keeps
仲直り(なかなおり) hacer las pases; reconciliación
彼女は友達と仲直りした。Se reconcilió con su amigo
仲良し(なかよし) a good friend
私はビルと仲良しです。I’m good friends with bill
仲違い(なかたがい) conflicto; disentimiento; choque con alguien
前月仲違いして以来カレンにはあって行けない I haven’t seen Karen since we fell out last month.
些細な喧嘩でえ仲違いしないでおこう Don’t let a little quarrel come between us

貯 ahorrar

訓読み- たくわ
音読み- チョ
貯める(ためる) ahorrar
金を貯める ahorrar dinero
貯金(ちょきん) los ahorros; el dinero ahorrado
彼は毎週10ドルを貯金している He puts ten dollars aside every week
彼女は100ドル貯金した She saved a hundred dollars
万が一の場合に備えて貯金するのは賢明だ。It is wise to save money for a rainy day.
彼は老後に備えて貯金した。He saved money for his old age.
医者の費用は本当に貯金に食い込む。 Doctors’ bills really cut into our saving
彼は貯金を増やした。He added to his savings.
車を買うために貯金をしている I’m saving money for a car.
貯金箱にはお金は全く残っていなかった。 None of the money was left in the money box.
貯蓄(ちょちく) patrimonio (financial asset (money, gold, stock, government bond etc)
いつかは君も貯蓄の重要さを悟るようになるだろう Some day you will come to realize the importance of saving
老後を安心して暮らしたかったら今から貯蓄を始めなさい If you want security in your old age, begin saving now
まさかのときには貯蓄に頼ればよい If you want security in your old age, begin saving now

兆 presagio

訓読み- きざ
音読み- チョウ
兆し(きざし) Indicación visual; Señal
まだ目に見える春の兆しはなかった。There were still no visual signs of spring.
その建物は老朽の兆しを見せている。The building exhibits signs of dilapidation
その両国間に緊張が高まりつつある兆しがある There are signs of growing tensions between the two countries
彼の事業もやっとほう芽の兆しを見せた。his business has begun to thrive at last
彼は糖尿病のどんな兆しにも注意していた He was watchful for any sign of diabetes
前兆(ぜんちょう) augurio
あの雲は雨の前兆だ That cloud bodes rain
兆候(ちょうこう) síntoma (el efecto en causa y efecto)
食欲が急に減退するのは病気の兆候であることがある。Sudden decrease in appetite is sometimes a sign of illness.
労働力不足の発生は経済の過熱兆候とみられている The emerging labor shortage is viewed as a symptom of economic overhearing
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2020.01.17 02:32 ArtyNinja [Let's Complete] d100 City Street Encounters

Let's finish this old list by u/dndspeak
edit4: 97/100
The PCs are trudging the streets of a bustling city, running errands and wary of trouble. What goes down?
##d100 City Street Encounters
  1. A homeless urchin approaches the party and claims that he used to be a great magician. He says that if the party were to give him a gold piece, he could make one of them disappear. The urchin has a teleportation sigil on the ground in front of him that is incredibly difficult to see and only activates with his command word, which happens to be 'PRESTO!'. The character standing on the sigil is teleported to an alleyway 3 blocks down the road, into a trash pile. [dndspeak]
  2. Three semi-attractive ladies boldly harass a PC saying that s/he slept with all three of them. Creating a diversion for a pickpocket to snagged the purse of the PC's while they are distracted by the ladies. Once the pickpocket is gone they apologize and say that the PC looks like someone they know. [Austiniuliano]
  3. down the street, a person is being chased by the city guard. The guard are yelling for the thief to stop. As the thief gets close a 2nd thief causes a distraction to the guard such as overturning a wagon full of manure. The pair of thieves round the corner close to the PCs. what do the PC's do? [Austiniuliano]
  4. As you pass an alleyway, a male goblin rushes out frantically and flags down your group. “Help, help, my wife is giving birth! Please, someone help us!” You look past him into the alley, and sure enough, there is a pregnant goblin grimacing and bracing herself against a crate. You get to name their firstborn if you help out, and the father will buy your party a round of drinks at the tavern he works at. [ASzinhaz]
  5. A charlatan offers to give a party member some fancy jewelry to advertise their business. Little did they know this jewelry has a scrying enchantment and will be used to see where the party is staying and how well defended they are and rob them that night. [11110000110011]
  6. Roll a DC 15 Dexterity check to not get hit with the contents of an emptied chamberpot. If anyone in the party fails the check, the party rolls all Charisma checks at a disadvantage until the unlucky ones take a proper bath. [ASzinhaz]
  7. You see an older man yelling at his apprentice for making some mistake. The apprentice seems near tears because he's trying to explain himself but can't get a word in edgewise. [jheiner227]
  8. You are walking down the street when you are bumped violently aside, but when you look for the perpetrator all you see is a stray cat which seems to part the crowd wherever it goes (It's actually a dragon casting major illusion to better mingle). [callhimbob]
  9. A child with an obvious injury begging for money pleads to the party for money. Later that day the party sees the same kid running around playing tag. [callhimbob]
  10. A shopper in the market starts going mad trying to bite the other patrons. Minutes later the shopper collapses with no memory of what happened. (In my game the person had been possessed by an animal spirit) [callhimbob]
  11. The party comes upon an ongoing street performance of a popular play. It's an enjoyable show, until the actors start looking for members in the audience to call on stage (whether that's because they're malicious or they pick the most socially awkward member of the part) [callhimbob]
  12. A group of miners are protesting outside of a noble's estate over poor working conditions [callhimbob]
  13. A gaggle of students run up to the party and demand that the oddball (genasi, orc, kenku, etc...) come back to the university with them so they can win the scavenger hunt they're competing in [callhimbob]
  14. You come across 4 old men sitting and playing cards. If you want to join, they let you, but because this is what they do with their lives, they are very good. [jheiner227]
  15. You see a man/woman locked away in a prison cairrage, they beckon to you they are innocent and will compensate you handsomely should you aid in their escape. [Oniguumo]
  16. A street performer is making music, hoping that people will pay him. If he's very good, there's a large crowd. If he's bad, people walk by, averting their eyes. If the party is musical, he's happy to perform together and split the take. He may not be honest about the split, though. [jheiner227]
  17. A friendly looking man in light brown robes approaches the party. He is surrounded by 7 golden birds. He offers to read the fortune of the party in exchange for enough coin to buy a meal and bed for the night (I usually use 5 GP). If they acquiesce, he asks them to ask a question and he answers using the Divination spell. A successful perception check (DC 15, ARC skill of +5 or higher automatically succeeds) will reveal that he hasn't actually cast any spell, but his answers are always truthful. Once he is out of sight of the party, he disappears. [[deleted]]
  18. A homeless man/woman approaches begging for food and or shelter for the evening. Party agrees, they'll wake up and a large sum of money sits by them but he or she is gone. If they refuse, then days later they hear in the news a man shown kindness in a person's time of need. Billionaire gives man money. [SychsisOPhrenia]
  19. A raving madwoman stops everyone she sees, telling the story of how she was the mistress of the Mayor or King. Her mind is broken and her speech is rambling, but the stories she tells are very consistant and convincing. [Alphachicken]
  20. A voice calls out from a darkened alleyway, it sounds in distress, but is quickly muffled. [Kiyohara]
  21. The cobble pavement collapses in a major street revealing a dungeon (or unknown sewer beneath. In a short period of time a large portion of the city guard will come to inspect and clear crowds. A single old crippled man will climb from within the hole and collapse once he reaches the light [mechanical_banana42]
  22. A parade blocks traffic while many people stop what they are doing to watch. [Kiyohara]
  23. A circus strongman flexes and struts in a chalk ring. A halfling barker stands on a soap box, challenging anyone walking by to test their mettle against the steel thews of Kourteous the Mighty, Terror of the Ring! Best out of three clinches wins. [nlitherl]
  24. A very large wild animal calmly walks down the street. People run away and shout, but the beast seems uninterested in them. [Kiyohara]
  25. A merchant offers the exact same items the party already owns, but if they buy anything they will find the exact object missing from there bag. If confronted about it, the merchant will flee leaving the party with all the items, but there bags are empty (they have one of each item again). The players can buy and keep two of any item by taking it out of there backpack and holding it while buying the duplicate. [Sappique]
  26. Several acrobats occupy a part of the street and display great skill and dexterity in their movements and contortions. [Kiyohara]
  27. A tower full of boiling molasses/oil/etc groans and collapses from atop the roof of a local apothecary/wizard. Any caught in the rushing wave of scorching liquid stand to have the flesh melted from their very bones! [revderrick]
  28. The doors to a brewery explode open and thousands of gallons of beer rush out and swamp the streets. Many townsfolk quickly gather buckets, pitchers, and other containers and start scooping up what they can. [Kiyohara]
  29. Two gentlemen or women, surrounded by guards seem to be getting into a bit of a fight. They're yelling loudly and making convincing swings at each other. They position themselves, and as one swings with all his/her might, the other ducks, and they manage to knock over one of the guards, dashing out of the circle as quickly as possible. As they pass your party, one of them tosses you a mysterious object as they pass. Along with the object is a hastily scribbled note that reads, "MIDNIGHT, , MEET". [TheDirtyDeal]
  30. Two merchants stand nose to nose screaming at each other, their carts are intertwined and they are blocking traffic. Their horses seem to be nonplussed and nibble at nearby grass. [Kiyohara]
  31. You find a potion seller that had all the labels to his potions torn of in the middle of the night by a trickster rouge that has been terrorizing the city in recent weeks. To make matters worse, due to the "discrete" nature his clientele, all of the potions have been bewitched so they are immune to the use of an Identify spell. He is desperately trying to sell the rest of his unusable stock at a discount to anybody passing by. Each potion is 20gp or comes in bulk packs of 12 for 200gp. Roll a d20 to determine what the potion is. 1 Sorcerer Spirit: A random magic effect from the wild magic surge table occurs. If a Wild Magic sorcerer drinks the potion, roll twice on the table
2 Chug Jug: Gain 4d10 temporary hit points for 1 hour
3 Potion of speed
4 Potion of sluggishness: instantly grants 2 ranks of exhaustion
5 Potion of resistance (resistance chosen randomly)
6 Potion of vulnerability: works identically to potion of resistance, but grants vulnerability instead of resistance
7 Temperance Tonic: makes all alcohol consumed for the next 1d4 days taste vile
8 A non-magical sugary carbonated drink
9 Potion of healing
10 Potion of Poison
11 Potion of Growth
12 Potion of Diminution
13 Potion of Animal Friendship
14 Potion of Animal Hatred: All undomesticated animals are hostile on sight for one hour
15 Perfume. Smells nice, tastes horrible
16 Holy water
17 Unholy water (all healing magic is half as effective for the next hour)
18 Dragon pepper hot sauce: Make a DC 17 Constitution check. On a failure, the user is incapacitated for 1 hour. On a success, the user gains a fire breath weapon attack for 1 hour. Any character with resistance to fire automatically succeeds on the check
19 Discount potion of water breathing: Works like a regular potion of water breathing, but removes user's ability to breathe air for the duration. Lasts one hour.
20 Cheap whiskey [Jacknerik]
  1. A man runs by, screaming, seemingly battling an large octopus that has latched itself to his head and is spraying ink everywhere. No one recognizes the man and fewer know where one could find a large octopus. [Kiyohara]
  2. You bump into a figure in a sharp travelers cloak. The figure either places a magic item in your pocket that is being hunted by the town guards or the figure steals a magic item from you and runs. Upon finding the figure either way you come to learn they are a royalty among the criminal underworld and want to hire you for their next big score. [TaleBinder]
  3. A skilled bard is performing in a local noble's garden. The sounds can be heard clearly outside and a small crowd of passers by has stopped to appreciate. The Noble's guards are debating if they can/should disperse the crowd. [Kiyohara]
  4. The party hears an alarm bell ringing loudly a few blocks out of sight, which is quickly picked up other alarm bells around the city. Large flagpoles around the party's section of the city of quickly raise up orange flags, and a general call of "code orange" is taken up by everyone nearby as citizens rapidly pack up stalls and evacuate the streets with practiced ease. The ground begins to tremble by the time all nearby citizens are tucked into alleys or taking shelter indoors, and within seconds of the street clearing, a stampede of brightly colored oxen round a corner and barrel down the party's street. If the party has taken shelter, they are trapped where they are for the next 30 seconds as the small flood of animals passes by them, after which the locals quickly go about setting up shop as if nothing had happened. If the party is in the path of the oxen, they take 3d6 bludgeoning damage and are dragged 40 feet in the direction of the stampede for each turn that they remain in it, with the stampede counting as difficult terrain in any area it occupies. If the party manage to get someone to explain the situation, it is revealed a powerful but unstable sorcerer named Wizbo often conducts strange "experiments" in his "wizard tower", and that the particular section of the city he belongs to has adapted and developed a warning system to alert the locals to incoming magical shenanigans. In this case, a code orange indicates actual potential danger and advises citizens to clear the streets and take shelter indoors until the alarm has passed. [ThePragmaticPimp]
  5. A local baker has created a new type of baked good and is giving samples to everyone. From the sounds of appreciation, it is quite good and there is already a line to both try the food and to enter the store. [Kiyohara]
  6. Some of the citizens are exchanging messages in thieves cant. Messages like “it begins in 30 minutes” and “get in position”. 50% chance it’s a daring heist and 50% chance it’s a flash mob. [Patergia]
  7. A horse, saddled and with a large pack slowly ambles down the street, the stays and ties having clearly been broken. Surely the owner will want it back. [Kiyohara]
  8. The Laughing Prince, a controversial thief, has been captured. Half of the populace think he's a hero of the people; the other half think he's a ruthless cutthroat. His public execution is scheduled for midday in the town square, and the crowd on both sides is getting increasingly reckless and ugly... [Courtholomew]
  9. Several guardsmen can be seen checking strangers to see if they paid their gate tax or if they are residents. Most people seem to have a piece of paper indicating one or the other. [Kiyohara]
  10. A fire has broken out in the Market District, and is growing fast. The party can work to put out the fire, can try to alleviate the panic, or perhaps try to pick up some abandoned items for a *substantial* discount... [Courtholomew]
  11. A well dressed man accompanied by two rough looking guards is politely inquiring if anyone has paid the Thieves's Guild Tax and if they need to renew their licenses. As soon as he spots the party, he smiles widely and approaches. [Kiyohara]
  12. It's the Regent's/Mayor's birthday and the streets are awash with celebrations. An amiable man wearing the city colours and crest persuades (DC15 CHAR) the party to go on a discounted city tour (subsidised by the city council) of some of its less famous sites with his colleague sat in the box-seat of an elegant carriage. It is in fact a dodgy scheme to eek money out of travellers. The coachman venerates the cities beautiful attractions, recklessly hurtling the rig through the foot traffic. He deposits you at the first stop. A temple. Here a weasely monk attempts to persuade (DC10 CHAR) the party to generously donate to the temple and depart with earthly possessions. The coachman will be very encouraging and optimistic about the next stop being enticing, and is according to the coachman a renowned tailors. In the dingy shop a short scowling man will stalk the players as they browse the store, seizing any opportunity to try and convince them to buy his garments. At this point the players will have little sense of where they are without some means of navigation. The coachmen is adamant that the last stop will make it all worth it. The final stop from the outside appears to be a theatre with elaborate decorations and promotions. An attractive host recieves them at the doors, and leads them down a dimly lit hall, through another set of doors and into an empty auditorium. She tells them to take a seat at the front by the stage before retreating to the double doors and locking them. (2d8+3) thugs rise from the concessions stands with loaded crossbows aimed at the players heads, and the amiable man strides out on to the stage. He demands the party's valuables in exchange for their lives. [ArtyNinja]
  13. One of the PCs trips over something in the street.Reaching down they find a coin purse, heavy and clinking. Just then an angry voice bellows, "My money! I've been robbed!" The crowd steps back and a well dressed noble points to the party and screams, "Thieves!" [Kiyohara]
  14. A frail looking stray cat follows you no matter where you go in town, the cat seemingly following you with intent [forgoten_mad_man]
  15. A cloaked figure ask's where the local library is. You can hear the muffled sounds of chewing paper while he talks. And in his wake he leaves shreds of pages. [KeenanAXQuinn]
  16. A loud, colorful troupe of dwarves enter the city square; they pitch a tent and within a few hours, they announce that the traveling unarmed fight championship will be held - all who deem themselves worthy can try and earn a goblet full of gems and honor, for a small fee. Inside, a large, wooden octagonal platform sits on the center stage... but there is a trick: it stands a few feet above the ground, balancing and tilting on a stout pole on its center, and a ring-out is an immediate disqualification. The tricky dwarven fighters have specialized on pushing off opponents as soon as they enter, and those who are hardier and can hold their ground and reach the finals find that the surface starts to spin, using centrifugal force to slide them off (the champion, of course, doesn't even try to fight and just holds to the post) [VaranusNiloticus]
  17. A group of city guards are clustered around the entrance to an alleyway. They look concerned and serious. One guard exits the alleyway, and abruptly bends over and vomits with gusto all over the pavement. If any approach, they are waved away — "Nothing to see here. Go about your business." [garumoo]
  18. A sign outside a shop selling manuscripts is crooked and jutting out into your path. If straightened or moved, a shelf of books falls over, knocking over another shelf of small paintings. Four servant boys appear in fresh finery. In the distance, the wail of a siren. [garumoo]
  19. In a nearby back alley, an observant party member spots a lone cur, that whimpers and withdraws deeper into shadow. With skill checks, a player approaches to find:A hungry stray grateful for a bite, that reveals a secret tunnel it uses to navigate the city. Or the hungry "cur" is companion to a Ranger, judging by the collar he wears. Another Ranger can communicate with him, following him to an injured/dead/captured fellow ranger.The "cur" is a formidable hound badly treated by his owner. It might be a wealthy arrogant merchant, an animal handler in a traveling circus, etc. The hound can become a followefamiliacompanion. [NorthEasternNomad]
  20. A nearby building explodes and trees rapidly grow from the rubble. Bystanders explain that this is the third attack like this in a month, and that they are the work of an anarchist collective of druids that believe cities are blasphemy upon nature. [Jacknerik]
  21. Near the wizard's college is a stand selling ice cream. Occasionally, the bound elemental keeping it coll will try to break free, causing the cart to shake. The bored teenage girl running the stand takes no notice of this. [911roofer]
  22. A miniature stage is set up on the side of a street, within it, small illusions tell the story of great adventures slaying a beast like a magical puppet show. A crowd of children sit on the floor in fron of this and adults stand a little further behind. When it ends, all the kids run off to wherever they're going, and a member of the party feels their purse get a little lighter in the commotion [BobaPhobic]
  23. •A child runs up to you and tries to sneakily stab you. •Her eyes pierce through her long black hair that covers her face. This little girl stares at you. You can feel an evil and malicious presence. [BeboTheMaster]
  24. A doll or easel falls from a nearby multi-story building and nearly lands on the head of someone in the party! Anyone who looks at it feels a faint sense of unease, but it also looks expensive and valuable. You can hear an argument from the loft whose window it seemed to have dropped out of, and soon enough someone will lean out of it and ask the party if they can bring it upstairs, since they aren't finished with their artwork. If pressed, the artist says that he has other matters to attend to and can't come downstairs, but it's urgent that he get that piece back and soon. Is he just rude and bad at interacting with other people? Is he afraid of the outside? Is he in danger, or is he luring the party into some kind of trap? Will he even reward the party for giving him his work back? It's up to the DM. [archDeaconstructor]
  25. 1d4+1 Students of the nearby wizarding academy try out their newly learned spells in the alleyway and accidentaly a firebolt hits the party members. [AdmiralCita]
  26. A man with a strange accent whose clothes incorporate the bones of animals is convincing nearby townsfolk to join him on a hunt on the morrow. Given the way that people are talking about him, he seems to be very convincing and jovial. He's just finished talking to a couple down the street, and he's eyed your party. He seems to be headed your way! [archDeaconstructor]
  27. 2d6 of friendly drunken hobbits ask the party to join their celebration of their newborn family member. They offeer good ale and raspberry flavoured tobacco.qq [AdmiralCita]
  28. A bald man in robes is busy eating from a plate while also kickboxing a couple of brawny-looking folks in the regalia of the city guard. He seems to be making a fool of them. Given the crowd of onlookers, you're not sure if this is some kind of performance or just a hilariously failed attempt by the guard to arrest this man. [archDeaconstructor]
  29. 3d6 of spectral butterflies briefly circle around a party member with the highest wisdom and then fly away. People say it brings good luck, but noone knows. [AdmiralCita]
  30. A famous, beloved explorer will be delivering new relics to the local museum or gallery, and wants to unveil them all in a brand new wing of the building in a few days. One of the menial guilds has backed out on contract, though, so she's short on manpower to actually set everything up and guard the exhibition until opening day. If you're interested, she's hiring- and she'll pay handsomely. Suspiciously handsomely, for menial work. [archDeaconstructor]
  31. Random friendly dog happily brings a leather pouch containing 1d6 silver pieces and 1d4 human fingers. [AdmiralCita]
  32. You come across several guardsmen hoisting a large battering ram so they can heave it against a gate. It seems the city official whose mansion is behind that gate is unwilling to leave- not only are the gates barred, but the window drapes are drawn down, and the doors are bolted shut. They were supposed to show up for an important meeting yesterday, and were going to make a speech today, but no one's heard anything from anyone inside. Most of the locals are worried- though some seem to be happy about it. [archDeaconstructor]
  33. The players hear humming coming from underneath a manhole cover. If they open said manhole cover, they find a male gnome with a monocle and a top hat. He explains that he was trapped down there in a storm and that the manhole cover is a portal to a different realm. If the players walk into it, they end up in limbo. [ThatMedian]
  34. A man in beggars robes appears. 7 tiny canaries with him. He asks the players to spare some food or coin. He is actually Bahamut in human form. If they help him, he grants them his blessing. They have advantage on WIS rolls for the next hour. If they don’t he moves along. If they attack the canaries become Wyvern. After players are subdued Bahamut gives them a lecture on justice and charity. [BraveEagle]
  35. A city-guard is busy giving a lecture to a newbie. They use the players as an example, either positively or negatively, depending on their status in the city's eyes. For example: "Stop and Frisk" if the party are scofflaws, or "Soliciting Bribe" if the setting is somewhat fascist or corrupt. If the city views the players positively, the interaction is along the lines of "Did you see that ludicrous display last night? (Sports)" or "Good day, Squire" or something germaine to the overall plot. ("You be safe out there, I hear the masked bandit has struck again!") It could also be used as a way for the guards to deliver an message/invitation to the players: "Stop by the Station, the Lieutenant would like a word with ye". In an espionage campaign, the Player-Guard interaction may be used to communicate with the team secretly; falsely arresting and then slipping a message, or dragging in to talk in a theatrical manner. It could also be used as an intimidation tactic by a well connected political figure who controls the guards and has made enemies of the players... ("This is a message! *smash!*") [MaxSizeIs]
  36. A gaggle of urchins hurries through the crowd city streets towards the party. One of them makes eye contact, before hurrying past and heading a round a corner. The city guard pushes their way forward asking everyone if they saw which way the kids went. [Tounsley]
  37. The noonday bells only chimes twice before the rope holding the bell snaps and it plummets down the steeple, landing with a resounding gong, blowing the temples door open, and making many townsfolk believe there is devilry afoot. [Tounsley]
  38. While walking by the stocks, one of the prisoners recognizes someone from the party, and asks a favour. Could be something as simple as scratching an itch they can't reach themselves, or perhaps something more involved, [Tounsley]
  39. A intelligent huge mimic on a sturdy roof top of a one story building with other several buildings snug down on both sides. The mimic mainly stays on the edge of the roof draping a part of itself down the side of the tight alley side outside wall. It forms itself as a wet metal ladder. As an added incentive the mimic drops coins from pervious victims a few at a time to bait its ladder. When someone graps hold of the ladder (both hands and a foot hold), the mimic exudes its adhesive and grapples by rolling up its laddeself at the same time. The mimic eats atop the roof. [jjskellie]
  40. A woman is being attacked by thugs. If you ignore her cries for help she gets taken away. If you help her she takes you to her home where she and her sisters reveal themselves as succubi and try to kill you [LordoftheFaff]
  41. You see a drunkard stumbling about. He greets your PCs in a friendly if overly affectionate manner before shuffling off singing at the top of his lungs. [Sobek6]
  42. There is a striped carriage with the number 53 on the side that is someone moving uncontrollably without any houses (or driver for more modern RPG). [need-original-name]
  43. A War-priest with a flaming sword steps in your way. He's limping and looks beaten up but holds himself proudly. "So here it ends." he speaks as a bewildered look slowly enters his face. "You're not them. I'm very sorry, please go along." [MerionLial]
  44. A small critter (of the DM's choice) appears to be causing chaos, as everywhere it scampers people flee in horror.[Ever_Impetuous]
  45. You stumble upon an alleyway chat and discover one stall in a nearby busy market is rigged to detonate in a Fireball when a specific noble approaches. [Ever_Impetuous]
  46. You step in some viscous green goo... and it slithers away from you into a nearby sewer grate. The ground rumbles.[Ever_Impetuous]
  47. The street is literally alive. This part of the city was built over a large Earth Elemental but it doesn't seem bothered to carry people to their destinations. However, it decides to block the adventurers from entering the street. [Ever_Impetuous]
  48. A bird plummets from the sky right on a party member's head (1d4 physical). There is an arrow right through it... and a missive attached to its back. Someone didn't want this getting to its destination [Ever_Impetuous]
80.A street magician decides to turn your party's most anger-prone member into a joke. He uses prestidigitation to cover them in slick oil, change the color of their hair, and untie their shoelaces, all while mocking them.[Ever_Impetuous]
  1. A piano crashes down 1d4 meters away from a party member. It must have been pushed off the balcony of that nearby building. But who would toss a piano out of a balcony?[Ever_Impetuous]
  2. A person explodes in a gout of fire. Then 2 more nearby. A creature is possessing these victims before they ignite. Then the creature turns on the players! It could be that the victims (or at least one of them) are connected somehow. Are there more victims throughout the city? It's clear that the heroes must find this out before it happens again! [MaxSizeIs]
  3. Household "Otto-Servant" warforged automatons have recently become a trend among the well to do. Their inventor sends a message to the players asking for help using an unassuming middleman as as a messenger. It seems the inventor fears for their life, as they narrowly escaped a lethal attack by one of their inventions! Tales of similar attacks spread like wildfire the following days - copycat attacks seem to be happening! Can the players protect the life of the inventor, and discover the conspiracy behind the attacks? [MaxSizeIs]
  4. A rag-picker with his towering cart of discards rushes into your path. They stumble on a cobblestone, bringing the entire trolley crashing down on the street. You see glints amongst the strewn linen and furs ... [ArtyNinja]
  5. A promoter catches sight of the party and seizes the opportunity. Each player must take a DC 10 CHA check or have a wrist-band for the all new bar 'The Whore's Shoe'. [ArtyNinja]
  6. A throng of protestors block the road, bearing banners with slogans such as "Ditch the Witch" and "The hag's a hack". The leaders of the group, a human druid in am impressive headdress, and a dwarf Bard with a powerful voice are getting the frustrated crowd riled up with a powerful speech about the decadence, intransigence and failures of the powers that be. [ArtyNinja]
  7. A few guards march past with a scrawny street urchin in tow. The child is manacled and clearly in pain. [ArtyNinja]
  8. An unkempt mage is staring at a lamp-post, seemingly transfixed. He stands with a relaxed posture and smells of ozone.[ArtyNinja]
  9. You spot a fruit seller dragging a cart through a solid wall and vanish. Inspecting the wall it appears to just be the solid outer wall of a general store.[ArtyNinja]
  10. A street artist is making portraits for a reasonable price. The images seem to have a life of their own, with the faces smiling and winking at passers by. Some complete examples on the flagstones around him showing detailed backgrounds and activity but no actual muse. None the less the frames have the 'depicted' individuals name painted in gold letters. [ArtyNinja]
  11. 3 drunk students from the mages college are causing a ruckus in the street, causing hijinks and hilarity with their cantrips. One of them takes issue with the PCs, mistaking them for a reviled enemy. The gang tries to assert their dominance, and challenges the enemy and their 'minions' to a fight. [ArtyNinja]
  12. A pack of (2d4 +2) rabid dogs bursts from an alley , directly in the path of the party. [ArtyNinja]
  13. A chieftain born aloft on his vast shield by the shoulders of four tattooed warriors is rushed through the crowd, tailed by a Dwarf with a winged helm and a Goliath in striped pantaloons. [ArtyNinja]
  14. A man in long white stockings with a glamorous golden quiff and accompanied by a small white dog disturbs the party to ask them if a hairy man with a black beard wearing a tricorne hat has been through here. Apparently the man has stolen something very dear to him and must be found at once.. [ArtyNinja]
  15. A masked figure in a billowing black cloak leaps across the street from one rooftop to another. Their polished black mail gleams in the light. A smaller figure in a colourful leather jerkin with a quarterstaff strapped to their back jumps after him. [ArtyNinja]
  16. You walk past an elite's compound as an angsty looking teenager emerges from a side-gate. They glance at the players and slouches off. After a minute or so banshee like screams emerge from the building... [ArtyNinja]
  17. A building is being demolished on the street. The wrecking crew are on a break. [ArtyNinja]
  18. A panicked crowd stampedes down the street. In the havoc you see innocents stumble and be crushed by the terrified crowd. Through the wails and screams you can hear one word: Giant. [ArtyNinja]
  19. A sewer collapses into a sinkhole during heavy rains. Half of a neighborhood is now thirty feet underground. In a poor one: many people may be trapped beneath the rubble and possibly drowning.. but only a few heroes care enough to try and save the victims. Will those greedy land-developers get their way and clear out those dirty poor people once and for all? Was this part of a planned attack? In a wealthier neighborhood: a few gold-pieces and trinkets hint that the sinkhole may hide a treasure cache; a wealthy noble might mourn the loss of their precious object-d'art and pay the heroes to delve the hole to retrieve it. Anywhere: a small horde of 3d6 low-level semi-intelligent sewer monsters emerge, shouting abuse at the "sky-demons" who just invaded their home; swarms of vermin; slip-and-slides; and a labyrinthian network of secret tunnels! [MaxSizeIs]
  20. A drug addict pleads for money from the players. He is suffering from the shakes, with his eyes darting in separate directions. He stammers unintelligibly in a hoarse voice, wringing his hands desperately. If the players don't help him out, it is revealed the addict is possessed by a Shadow Demon. He has the same stats as a commoner with +2 to DEX, INT, and CHA. He has the same resistances, immunities, vulnerabilities and abilities as a Shadow, and knows the spell Deeper Darkness and Shadow Evocation. [ArtyNinja]
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