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Once you've heard it, you'll never unhear it. BABYMETAL is a band that you'll either love or hate. Amuse producer Key Kobayashi delved into the unknown and fused Idol (J-Pop) and Metal, creating a sub-group of Sakura Gakuin: BABYMETAL! Having blossomed in Japan, they exploded into the Western world after their first album release in February 2014. Going on to tour the world within just four years of their creation, they really have taken the metal scene by storm.

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2020.10.31 16:24 MarioGroups UK Lotto Group Play for November 4 Draw

Groups S35, S40 and S48 bought 750 tickets for the November 4 UK Lotto draw. The jackpot is expected to reach £12.8 million (C$22 million) and result in a roll down jackpot draw.
We took a calculated risk by buying the UK Lotto tickets prior to the Saturday, October 31 draw.
UK Lotto tickets are bought online and online accounts are restricted to spending a maximum of £1,500 per 7 days. The S groups also plan to buy 750 tickets for the November 7 bonus roll down jackpot draw with a guaranteed jackpot of £20 million (C$34 million). If we waited until after the October 31 draw to buy the tickets for the November 4 draw, then we would not be able to buy tickets for the November 7 draw.
We are counting on the jackpot not being won in the October 31 draw. The decision to buy the tickets in advance was based on the following assumptions. 1. If the November 4 draw is a roll down jackpot draw, the expected value will be about 100%. 2. There is approximately an 85% chance the jackpot is not won in the October 31 draw. 3. If the October 31 jackpot is won, then the November 4 jackpot will be £2 million and the expected value about 30%.
Using the above assumptions, the tickets we bought in advance have an expected value of 90%. This is still better than most draws. The largest ever expected value for Lotto Max was 80%. The Lotto 649 game has had very few draws with an expected value greater than 90%. The last time was in October 2018. Most lotteries with fixed prizes have an expected value of only 50%, the same as the typical 50/50 draw.
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2020.10.31 15:06 DebatingMyWayOut be a G and chance me for some US and international school :)

Heyo :)
this subredit is actually such a good idea, people with 5.3 GPAs, 15+ APs, and 1600 SATs telling you you're a complete failure is really not the vibe lmao. anyways here's a few stats, I just submitted ED/EA and UK apps, but idrk what I should expect and stressing a lot so any feedback helps!!
PERSONAL STUFF: I lived in France for 10 years (ive got the passport and nationality fun fun) and then moved to the US for 7, years and I actually just moved back to France for senior year. idt i count as an international student tho bc I have a greencard. no legacies or sports or donated building or whatever, but i don't need financial aid so I cant complain at all.
GPA: 3.7/4.0 uw (pretty tough ny private school, but still ik this is yikess. just a quick note, no clue if it counts but there's def an upward trajectory, the breakdown was smt like 3.59, 3.61, and 3.85, and rn senior year I'm at a 3.9 unweighted and 4.6 weighted, colleges don't see it so it doesnt matter anywyas)
SAT: 1540 (I prepped for the act but it got cancelled 3 times so just decided to try the sat and got a score I'm happy with so now I'm done :)
COURSELOAD (school doesn't do APs for underclassmen): Freshman Year: AP French (5), Advanced Spanish III, Advanced Precalc Junior Year: AP US History (4), AP Art History (5), Senior Calc, Advanced Spanish IV Senior Year (with official predicted grades, for the UK): AP Comparative Gov (5), AP English Lit (5), AP Calculus AB (4), AP Macroeconomics (5), AP Microeconomics (5), IB Spanish HL (7, out of 7)
SUBJECT TESTS: French: 800
EXTRA-CURRICULARS: mainly centered around IPoli-sci (ill just put the 10 common app ones bellow)
DEBATE: national-travel team (rank #2 in the state, academic all American, finalist and semi-finalist at a few national competitions), Captain of the Team (2 years) MUN: President (2 years, 12 competitions) NEXT-GEN POLITICS: CIVIC Fellow (we basically met with a whole buch of cool politics peeps) Private DEBATE COACH (yay money fun fun) POLITICS SUMMER PROGRAM @ Princeton (2017), Georgetown (2018), Columbia (2019) CURRENT EVENTS CLUB: founder and president (wasnt a big thing tho) SERVICE TRIP CAMBODIA: [basically taught at this rural school for 2 weeks] Director of the Summer Senate Invitational (created a national online debate tourney with 75+ ppl competing) 12 years of PIANO (classical and Jazz) INTERNSHIP @ The Economist HISTORY JOURNAL, Editor
also, not an EC but I really really love Game Theory (more specifically Behavioral Game Theory, for those who don't know, go look up Colin Camerer and Richard Thaler rn its super cool!) and I've been doing this big research paper on it that I mention in my essays. its not something I've published or that sent to big name journals or anything, I just think its cool. that's it .
ESSAYS: I really like those, personal statement is about coming to the us without speaking English and then conquering that by doing debate/politics stuff. i also really liked my uchicago Find X question it was fun.
From Calc teacher and English teacher. I'm pretty confident in those. We're not insanely insanely close, but I got an A in both classes, I was one of the only junior in senior calc and I kinda led the class and I think my English prof really liked me and I was a finalist in her school-wide essay contest. I haven't been with them since pre-k and we dont chat for 5 hours every sunday, but i think these should be alright )
SCHOOL LIST (not including some safeties, I have a couple of those dwdw):
ED: UPenn (SAS)
EA: UChiago, Northeastern, MIT (this is just bc why not)
UK schools: Cambridge (big time simp, applying to HSPS, Homerton College), LSE, UCL, Kings, St. Andrews
RD: Columbia-Science Po Program (not Columbia itself, through the school of general studies) UC Berkley USC UCLA Williams John Hopkins
Cornell (CAS)
Brandeis Science Po Paris (France) McGill (Canada)
Bocconi (Italy)
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2020.10.31 14:46 illinoishorrorman Freelance Insights: Minority’s Dilemma 😮

This article I found from The Atlantic in 2018 those of you who came from various minority populations and struggling as a minority this is why I am teaching my classmate and a cousin how to be a publisher. The article I found compliments my February 2020 article so for me to bring this to the table, I found myself speaking up for Indo-Americans because this is the immigrant population I grew up with as a kid and came to age with in community college, though I had no idea this population really been in country almost as long as my great-grandfather and three grand-uncles.
This was something I looked up via Yahoo and Google, read the longer comment as one may want to consult AskHistorians as a Historian myself I learned this then nervous that Pinellas Park or Saint Petersburg would end up using the archiac term. pakistan being I have classmates from high school who were naturalized so I had to give him the heads up about the UK born slur shortened from the first part of their country. The slur I had been called often is Working On Pavement or Without Papers so this is the context for what my classmate and cousin are looking for.
This speaks of the slur at length the remarks I make when a slur is thrown at me or a particular publication I did is made fun of that shouldn't be I ended up throwing "Anglo Pig" at one who was mocking my disability.
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This thread provides a place for everyone to ask simple questions and chat about anything reasonably on topic. To new players and new members of the community alike we encourage you tap into all of the resources of this sub.

Street Fighter V Character Data & Move Lists

Rashid R. Mika ChunLi Ryu Ken
Cammy Laura Zangief Karin Nash
M.Bison Birdie Vega Necalli Dhalsim
F.A.N.G Alex Guile Ibuki Balrog
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E.Honda Lucia Poison Gill

Character Discussion Index for character specific combos, tips and matchups

General FAQ

  1. I'm new to SFV and this is overwhelming! What do I do?
  2. Where can I find a basic overview of each character?
  3. What does _____ mean?
  4. Where can I find combos?
  5. How can I stop being bad?
  6. Are there other Fighting Game communities?
  7. Where can I find replays?
  8. Can my computer handle Street Fighter V?
    • Click here to see Street Fighter V PC Recommended Specs!
  9. What's Footsies?
  10. Execution problems?
  11. Advanced Techniques?
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2020.10.31 12:59 man_who_hates_karens Hey guys, how do you think a build like this will run?

PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz 6-Core Processor £179.00 @ Amazon UK
CPU Cooler Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L RGB 66.7 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler £49.99 @ AWD-IT
Motherboard Gigabyte B550M DS3H Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard £87.66 @ AWD-IT
Memory Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory £62.94 @ Aria PC
Storage ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro 512 GB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive £65.82 @ CCL Computers
Video Card MSI GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER 6 GB VENTUS XS OC Video Card £219.99 @ AWD-IT
Case Silverstone PS15 MicroATX Mid Tower Case £55.47 @ Scan.co.uk
Power Supply Corsair CXM (2015) 450 W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-modular ATX Power Supply £57.99 @ Corsair UK
Wireless Network Adapter Asus PCE-AC55BT B1 PCIe x1 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi Adapter £48.49 @ Amazon UK
Case Fan Corsair AF120 (2018) 52 CFM 120 mm Fan £9.99 @ Amazon UK
Case Fan Corsair AF120 (2018) 52 CFM 120 mm Fan £9.99 @ Amazon UK
Case Fan Corsair AF120 (2018) 52 CFM 120 mm Fan £9.99 @ Amazon UK
Monitor AOC C24G1 24.0" 1920x1080 144 Hz Monitor £179.97 @ Amazon UK
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total £1037.29
Generated by PCPartPicker 2020-10-31 11:55 GMT+0000
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2020.10.31 12:44 olundmip Dead People With Something To Say 0.9: John Lennon

Who Are They

This instalment of Dead People With Something to Say is partially poignant due to its timeliness.
Today’s subject would have been 80 years old this very month and much of today’s post will be detailing the many reasons this man could not be with us here today.
You cannot not know him, of course ladies and gentleman I’m talking about possibly one of the dead people with the most to say, none other than Mr John “Winston Boogie” Lennon.

What did they say

John Winston Lennon was born on the 9th of October 1940 art Liverpool Maternity Hospital in the United Kingdom to a working class family. He spent the first five years of his life living with his maternal parents but in 1945, after his farther had dishonourably abandoned his military service, he began to live with his Aunty Mimi.
His time with Mimi would be the happiest of his childhood and whilst he got along with the local children he became to be known and the local trouble maker, the boy the other children’s parents warned them not to play with.
This didn’t stop John becoming popular with the people with his high-school drawings making it into the daily school paper “The Daily Howl”. Despite these glimmers of happiness at Aunt Mimi’s a tragic moment would go on to form the thematic basis for Lennon’s entire career.
On the 15th of July 1958 Julia Lennon, John’s mother, was struck by an oncoming off duty police car and passed away instantly.
John’s instant response to this tragic event was to sink into a denial fuelled raged that caused him to hit the bottle. He’d go on to be thrown out of the academic institutions in his life and was “cited” by his peers at the time as “being content to drift. By this time John’s group The Quarrymen were making waves in the local skiffle scene.
Skiffle can be defined as the wave of music in-between early 20th century American Blues and Folk music craze and Rock and Roll.
The first wave occurred in mid 1920’s and the craze spread through the Western World petering out by the late 50’s. What was unique about skiffle bands is that they performed using an array of rather… basic instruments shall we say.
Washboards, milk jugs, tea-chests, cigar boxes, bath tubs and combs were all used by skiffle groups across the ages to fill out the sound any way they could.
This improvisational attitude also manages to spread into the music and some of the early skiffle music is some of the most spirited this author has had ever pleasure of listening to.
It was at one of these early Quarrymen performances that John was introduced by one of his friends to a gentleman called Paul McCartney.
The two had been aware of one another prior to meeting and struck a chord right away with Lennon asking McCartney to join the Quarrymen and despite their guardians respective disapproval of the other the two got along famously and began to write original songs independently at first and then over time brought the other in to help accordingly.
This quickly led to a collaborative relationship that would go on span the next two decades. Paul would in turn invite the slightly younger George Harrison to the mix as the lead guitarist which allowed Paul and John to focus on songwriting and showmanship.
They went through a flurry of names after The Quarrymen but by 1960 they finally settled on The Beatles.
Their relative location fame had enabled them to book a 48 date tour in Hamburg but they were missing an essential part of the band, a drummer.
This led to them bringing in local drummer Pete Best as a last minute fill in.
Their stint in Hamburg acted as the first foray into adulthood whisking the boys away from small town Liverpool and emerging them in a world of nightlife, narcotics and lust.
That is to say they played all day and all night, took amphetamines to stay awake and slept with all the young ladies of the night they could. Due to George’s young age and their promiscuous behaviour the boys were sent home early by deportation all but John.
During this period John played with local German groups and returned home on his own without altering the others to his immediate arrival.
This was due to John’s emotions at the time.
His time in Hamburg had opened his eyes to the reality of the entertainment industry and its pitfalls and tendencies to promote sinful behaviour. He debated whether or not this life was for him.
As we all know John continued on with his efforts in the musical field but this brief moment of self awareness would speak multitudes about his attitude to come. By this time around 62-63 the Beatles had taken steps to move up the ladder of the British music industry.
During this period of time they had acquired a manager by the name of Brian Epstein and a new drummer by the name of Ringo Starr, lost a bass player by the name of Stuart Sutcliffe and Lennon and McCartney’s songwriting ability had come on leaps and bounds.
Starting out on the first couple of albums writing fairly simplistic pieces entirely from their imaginations, Johns work especially had began to take on a more self aware tone.
A song like “I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party” is hugely indicative of Lennon’s attitude at the time because of one is to ponder upon the lyrics one will see that whilst Lennon feels discontent regarding the actions of his peers at said party, he is still displaying typical British politeness by saying “I’d hate my disappointment to show”.
He is still uneasy when it comes to speaking his own truth that is to say.
By 1964 they had begun appearing in their own motion pictures which led to what we all now know as “Beatlemania”. This growing notion within Lennon would grow to become the entire emotional basis for his creative output in the latter half of the 60’s and early 70’s. Although it would not peak for another few years a stark change in Lennon’s creative tone comes with creation of the album “Help” in 1965.
It is probably worth at this juncture talking about the operations of the Beatles camp in their formative years and the background and relationship between each camp.

The key players, and by key players I am referring to individuals that have influence over what The Beatles was I. The eyes of the general public, are in 1965:
The upbringing and general temperament of these listed individuals would come to have a large impact on the latter stages of the Beatles career. To not mince words I am speaking about the moral and political climate of 1960’s Britain.
The Sputnik Crisis
All one must do if they want an overview of Britain’s place on the world stage prior to the 20th century is to read our post on Mr John Dee. But to put it simply, by establishing the Commonwealth around the globe over the centuries that comprised the second millennium, The British Empire established themselves as the main global superpower and it wasn’t until the westernisation of the Americas that this crown would be knocked so to speak.
A large portion of the UK’s national pride still lies upon the idea that we won World War 2, showed those Jerries who’s boss and resolidifed our place as the dominating force we had become known as but let’s take a look at the facts.
These listed points all contributed to what would become to be known as “The Sputnik Crisis”.
In short this crisis came from the general public in response to the 1957 launch of the Soviet satellite known as Sputnik. This was the first launch of its kind and had beaten the American efforts by nearly a year.
This led to a sort of national panic in the UK because news publications and national propaganda had led the masses to believe the UK were still the global power they once were prior the the wailed warfare. The problem being was that the war had taken its toll on the economy and this author is willing to bet that with the VE Day celebrations the British general public would have been incredibly disheartened after 6 years of intense rationing and banding together to make do and mend. The publicised “win” for the United Kingdom is till held in a position of intense pride to this day with annual “reenactment fairs” and “air shows” displaying the wears of our great triumph but it only takes a quick glance at modern culture to see that the global stage was much more influenced by the Germanic advancements that anything coming out of Royal Britannia.
It is this pomp that still exists to this day in the form of things like the Brexit debacle and thegrowing discontent in the British people and the growing minority populations that have gathered here since the advent of WW2.
So getting back to The Fab Four, there was a great divide happening amongst the young liberal minded people of the world and the old guard of conservative voters that resided in Britain’s more rural areas. Typically in Britain if you are working class you vote Labour and if you are middle or upper class you vote conservative.

Red or blue.
Left or right.
There are third party parties but non get taken seriously.

Splitting the key members of the Beatles camp into ideological groups allows one to notice some peculiar, not telling observations.
Splitting the key members of the Beatles camp into ideological groups allows one to notice some peculiar, quite telling observations.

This chart shows roughly where the important members of the Beatles operation sat ideologically, with obviously wiggle room here and there as nothing is this easily generalisable.

Left Middle Right
Lennon (see parental situation) Paul McCartney Bill McCartney
Harrison (passive in attitude) Ringo Starr George Martin
Brian Epstein (gay in 1960’s Britain Derek Taylor Geoff Emerick
Mal Evens
Bare this in mind it becomes importantly shortly.


So by 1965 the Beatles are a worldwide phenomenon and are filming their second film “Help”named after the Lennon composition that’d he’d penned earlier that year and in the same spirit as the songs listed earlier, Help carried on the theme of self-awareness with Lennon evenciting Help as the “first time I was consciously writing, and the first thing I said was Help! And I meant it”.
This humble cry for help was a stark difference to the tough macho bravado Lennon had become to be known for.
An example of this bravado would be at Paul McCartney’s 18th birthday where a good friend of the Beatles insinuated that due to Lennon’s closeness to Brian Epstein he must be a homosexual like Brian.
This led to Lennon brutally beating the man with a shovel with members of the party having to physically remove John from the fight.
We now turn our attention to the current public perceptions of John Lennon. On this website itself among many others this author has noticed an increasing opinion that despite his calls for “peace”, Lennon has become known as a sexist, abusive and angry man.
This is due in this authors opinion to:
Earlier I mentioned the influences of each Beatles respective spouse at any one time and being that “love” was the focus of a lot of their (and everyone else’s) compositions, being in a relationship with a Beatle meant you:
  1. Would be the subject of several songs.
  2. You will have an effect on their everyday headspace therefore affecting other compositions not entirely about them as an individual.
Cynthia Lennon was John’s first wife. They met at Art College whilst The Beatles were forming and the two were married by 62 and by 63 they’d had their first child Julian.
By all accounts Cynthia was a typical British gal who enjoyed art in a very reserved British kind of way akin to John’s sheepish early compositions. Paired with Paul’s girlfriend at the time, actress Jane Asher, the two couples ruled the British tabloids like peas in a pod.
It’s hearing all this jubilance that makes hearing about the cases of domestic abuse that have been levelled against Lennon all the more disheartening.
"It is a diary form of writing. All that 'I used to be cruel to my woman / I beat her and kept her apart from the things that she loved' was me. I used to be cruel to my woman, and physically – any woman. I was a hitter. I couldn't express myself and I hit. I fought men and I hit women. That is why I am always on about peace, you see. It is the most violent people who go for love and peace. Everything's the opposite.
Detailed in The Beatles song “Getting Better” from 66’s Sgt Pepper, Lennon indeed was known to become violent when intoxicated and let loose the pain he was holding probably dating back to the loss of his mother.
A subconscious love/hate relationship with women.
Not an excuse, simply an explanation.
Each infamous case of Lennon’s dark side will be chronicled here and hopefully by then end of this piece you may be able to find some empathy for the man.
It would be the culmination of these emotions that resulted in the first conscious song from Lennon in his own estimations, “Help”.
In Help, Lennon throws himself at the mercy of his peers by saying
“look I know I’ve been macho and hard to deal with in the past but please, right now, I need help”
The song can be seen as an admittance of guilt and a want for anybody around him to extend a helping hand.
Also transpiring around the release of Help was the groups developing interest in psychedelic substances all thanks to a Mr Zimmerman on their trips across the pond to the might USA.
This inclination for the herb led the outlooks of the Beatles to change somewhat.
Interviews from 65-66 are fairly lucid and relaxed in tone with the boys offsetting the monotonous questions from interviewers with abstract observations that tickled the crowds and rightly so.
Their new attitude could be seen on their next LP “Rubber Soul” which featured the 4 of them stood against a dark green hedge or bush, referencing their newfound love for all things green.
Rubber Soul also featured some of the most introspective songwriting, from Lennon especially, to date.
Girl, In My Life and Nowhere Man all talk brashly about Lennon’s opinions regarding the world around him holding no bars. They are songs that if one reads aloud with no musical backing, may find them quite harsh if not very emotionally real poems.
1965 also saw a new substance make its way into the Beatle world.
Lysergic acid diethylamide or LSD as it had come to be known was synthesised by a Swiss chemist called 1938. He accidentally consumed the substance when trying to come up with a new medicine using ergot.
The Beatles were first introduced to LSD by their dentist of all people. The event is well documented and led them to become very intrigued with the substance influencing their next LP Revolver substantially.
Lennon claimed in the 70’s that he dropped acid over 1000 times and this probably speak for a large amount of his actions in the late 60’s.
By this time the boys had become poster boys for the “British Invasion”, which referred to the onslaught of British groups trying to “make” it overseas, and had become secondly bored with the British entertainment industry.
They needed away to continue their creative efforts without having to represent the clean cut image they had cultivated over the first half of the decade and on their last trip to the states as a foursome McCartney found a solution.
If they couldn’t be the Beatles anymore they’d just have to start a new band within the pre-existing one. They could develop brand new personas and not have to worry about the expectations of the public.
Quite a novel solution if you ask me.
This line of thinking led to the legendary “Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band” album being released in 1966, marketed as the bands departure from touring and transition into a “studio” band, Sgt Peppers still stands today as one of the most influential albums of all time and with good reason.
Its lyrical content is as poignant as ever with the band being incredible self referential as to their new found personas and Lennon acknowledging his personal downfalls on songs like “Getting Better” and “A Little Help From My Friends”.
It also was recorded at the same time as some of Lennon’s most psychedelic work such as “Strawberry Fields Forever” and “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” which despite the latter titled NOT being about LSD both featured abstract themes and taking a leaf out of Dylan’s book, nonsensical almost social meaningful statements like “living is easy with eyes closed” and “No one I think is In My Tree, I mean it must be High or Low”.
Peppers also marks the point where George Martin’s contributions to proceedings becomes clear. In this creative time where the boys were moving away from being a live band they were becoming more curious about musical theory.
This was Martin’s speciality, being classically trained so whenever Paul or John had an idea that was a little left of field they would consult George Martin and he would break it down how it would work in the context of their contemporary piece.
We have Mr Martin to thank for orchestral sections in songs like “A Day In The Life” and the traditional instrumentation on “When I’m Sixty Four”.
Undoubtedly this more traditional musical influence juxtaposed against Lennon and McCartney’s developing modern style would form what he know today as “The Beatles Sound” but it would also be indicative of the class separation I spoke of earlier.
Martin’s musical background was rather high class so to speak and this can be heard in his contributions to the records themselves. Just listen to Martin’s suite on the Yellow Submarine record to see how his own personal tastes differed to those say of Lennon’s.
In fact Lennon’s song writing was becoming more refined, simpler and far reaching in terms of subject matter. The purest emanation of this development could be considered to be “All You Need Is Love.
The Beatles had been put in a unique position when it came to the writing of “All You Need Is Love”.
The BBC approached them and asked them to write a song for the worlds first ever colour television broadcast and Lennon took the bull by the horns and wrote a very simple tune for the masses.
It had to be simple to get the message across, they only had 5 minutes or so and didn’t want to confuse anybody so the simple mantra of “All You Need Is Love” suited the occasion perfectly.
This is a good representation of where Lennon’s head was at this point in time and is indicative of where it was going in the years to come.
Simple songs with easy to digest, good for the soul messages.
Paul on the other hand was developing a more musically advanced style, branching off into a more traditional sound not unlike “When I’m Sixty Four”.
This divide would only grow in the coming years and sadly once the gap had become too large, the collaboration would never be the same again.
The tipping point for the Beatles could be seen as the death of their long time and beloved manger Brian Epstein, although a quick note before we tackle that.
Yoko Ono
Yoko Ono was born on the 18th of February 1933 in Tokyo to a wealthy family. Her family moved to the USA when she was very young and she grew up in New York City. It was there she became a conceptual artist, that is to say she came up with concepts and then presented them in an artistic way (I must say it’s quite an out there idea in 2020 let alone the 1960’s).
Ono traveled to England in 1966 to be part of an art show put on by an artist called Gustav Metzger. She remained in London and began working with the artistJohn Cage on a book of musicians lyrics which led her to fall into contact with Paul McCartney.
Ono asked for some handwritten lyrics for Cage’s book but McCartney was not into the idea and said that John may be more interested.
Yoko comes from a family that are descended from a long line of samurai’s and was taught traditional eastern religion as part of her upbringing (more on that later).
Eastern religion was still fairly unknown in the UK and whilst the upper echelons of society were privy to a bit of Crowley or Theosophy material, the majority of the public were unbeknownst to this realm of thinking but Yoko was fairly well versed in esoteric literature by the time she hit the UK.
The Beatles too were not unfamiliar with new age works of the time.
Aleister Crowley can be seen on the front of Sgt Peppers, Harrison had become besotted with Indian philosophy and even the prim and proper McCartney had admitted to taking LSD, on national television no less! So it’s fair to say the boys had a healthy interest in all aspects of the unknown by the mid 60’s and this can also be seen in their creative works.
On November 9th 1966 John Lennon met Yoko Ono for the first time at the Indica Gallery in London and was besotted with her piece “Ceiling Painting / Yes Painting” which comprised of a ladder and a magnifying glass that hung from the ceiling that was to be used once the viewer had climbed the ladder to view the words “Yes” written on the ceiling through the magnifying glass.
The optimistic tone of this installation led Lennon to view the rest of the exhibition and ended in the two artists corresponding after the event.
It was at the same gallery that John became aquatinted with a gentleman by the name of Yannis Alexis Mardas who would go on to be known as Magic Alex in the Beatles circle.
Magic Alex is an infamous character within the Beatles community for a few reasons the first of which we will get to now.
In 1964 the Beatles (mainly John) expressed an interest in purchasing a Greek island for the four of them and their entourage to live upon and whilst this never came to be the group in 1967, at the influence of Magic Alex’s father who was well connected with the Greek secret police, did manage to arrange a trip to a small island in Greece and nearly went through with the £90,000 purchase, pulling out at the last second.
John meeting Yoko Ono and Magic Alex would come to be known pivotal events in the timeline of The Beatles musical collaborations.
On the 27th of August 1967, Brian Epstein passed away from a drug overdose. The band at the time were in Wales at a conference for Transcendental Meditation hosted by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The were accosted by press upon leaving the event and footage from the event shows a group of men blinded by grief and camera flashes. Epstein's contributions to the Beatle image were quintessential and he acted as a sort of ringleader or father so to speak to the group.
His passing would significantly change the dynamic of how the group functioned and in Lennon’s own estimations was really the end of the “group” spiritually.
The fact they were at a TM conference is synchronous as this loss of a leader figure would in turn find the band looking for a greater meaning to their creative endeavours.
It is this transpiring of events that lead the Beatles to take their famous trip to India.
In February of 1968 the group headed out to the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram in Rishikesh in northern India to participate in daily meditation and teachings from the Yogi himself.
The groups girlfriends, Magic Alex, Mal Evens, other musicians such as Donovan and Mike Love and many others also attended and the period was highly creative for all involved but not without its turbulence.
It was George Harrison that took to the actual practice of meditation with most success with Lennon commenting that Harrison would “leave here on a flying carpet if he wasn’t careful”. Ringo Starr and his wife left after only 10 days citing a disagreement with the food and an aversion to the local insects although remained faithful to the TM practice.
Paul left in similar fashion in mid March just in time for the arrival of Magic Alex.
John, George and Magic Alex were disheartened with their band mates departures and had started to stray from the Yogi’s intended daily plan, smoking weed, drinking homemade hooch and taking LSD whilst at the ashram.
This led to the famous storm out from Lennon and Harrison.
The actress Mia Farrow had claimed that the Marahishi had made a pass at her during one of their one on one meditation sessions and John and George were starting to question the intentions of the pint sized guru.
The story goes that Magic Alex claimed he saw the Marahishi in a sexual position with a student and after days of insistence this Led Lennon and Harrison to storm down to Marahishi’s private dwelling and announced that they were leaving.
To which the Marahishi said “But why?”, to which Lennon said “If you’re so fucking cosmic you should already know”.
The group hastily left and after a panic trying to find a taxi to which they ascribed to “The Marahishi’s Curse” they managed to get back to the UK in one piece.
As of 2020, multiple parties in attendance at the Ashram say that Magic Alex’s claims were pre-meditated for the purpose of stopping the Marahishi go on to have more influence than him over Lennon and the group in general.
These claims are substantiated in large by Alex’s subsequent contributions to the newly founded Apple Corps.
Which in fact was the entire purpose of the trip to India in the first place.
To fill the gap made by the loss of Brian Epstein.
The fruits of their journey would be what we know as “The White Album)” which would be the groups largest effort to date in terms of material with 2 LP’s worth of material being included. This was due to the influx of creativity garnered from the India experience and due each contributing songwriter having more songs than ever due to this influx.
With Harrison now worth his salt as a songwriter there was now 3 cooks at the table when it came to album contributions and it shows on The White Album.
The result is a musical journey that goes to many different sonic places and this is due to the almost tug of war that was starting to form between the song writing trio.
Upon arriving back in the UK, John contacted Yoko and asked if she would like to come over to his place. Cynthia was conveniently on holiday in Greece with Magic Alex and upon Yoko‘s arrival the atmosphere was slightly awkward so John started to show Yoko, a fellow artist, some of his more abstract tape creations that had been vitoed by The Beatles.
They began to collaborate and the resulting project was entitled “Two Virgins”.
As you can see their collaboration was a fruitful one, physically and emotionally at least, and the resulting fallout from this event would be just the top of the iceberg for what was to come for the Fab Four. The cover actually features a quote from Paul McCartney saying
"When two great Saints meet, it is a humbling experience. The long battles to prove he was a Saint."
And whilst this is a nice sentiment overall the whole thing didn’t go down too well with the boys in the band.
Firstly EMI refused to publish the album due to the cover.
Secondly his bandmates were confused to say the least, with Harrison stating over and over "But why? Why did you do it?!".
Thirdly, whilst this project was being recorded Cynthia unexpectedly came home early from Greece and found the pair half naked together in her own house.
That last point is the main claim that people use to downplay Lennon’s philosophical efforts today and admittedly, the situation could have been handled better on John’s part. But this failure to communicate effectively his emotions to his significant other, from a psychoanalyst’s point of view, would be a symptom of a pre existing emotional issue that John wouldn’t confront for a couple of years yet as we will come to see.
The juxtaposition from Cynthia to Yoko really showcases Lennon's almost wicked ability to offset his surroundings at risk of becoming trapped in a philosophical box.
This incident can be seen as in the same vein as John lashing out after it being implied he was homosexual at Paul’s 18th and in the same vein as violence towards Cynthia in the early stages of their relationship.
It was quite obvious by 1968 that John Lennon had some issues he needed to work out if he was ever going to collaborate with other human beings in any sort of meaningful creative way again.
Following the Two Virgins dispute John hit a sort of spiritual rock bottom. The main propagator of LSD and the psychedelic revolution was a man called Timothy Leary who is known for his translation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead also known as the Bardo Todol.
This compendium of ancient Tibetan knowledge was all the rage during the summer of love and instructed individuals how to go through the psychedelic experience. As this was the first time this material was hitting western audiences certain aspects of the psychedelic experience had not been examined as throughly as it has been in 2020.
This meant that an emphasis on the concept of “Ego Death” was postulated as the goal or aim of a trip. Whilst dissolution of the self is one stage of the psychedelic experience it is not the whole or the goal of the any trip and this miss understanding led to many of the “acid” casualties of the 60’s and 70’s.
This oversight not only affected generations of carless hippies over the years but did quite a number on our poor Mr Lennon.
By 1969 John’s ego, per the account of Mr Derek Taylor, was pretty well cracked into tiny pieces. This was the result of what Lennon claimed in 1980 as “thousands” of experience with LSD over the decade of the 1960’s and it had left him an empty shell of the man he once was. Not having faith in his songwriting ability whilst Paul began to flourish as a multi instrumentalist in his own compositions.) One may also imply that the “macho” bravado that still to this day resides in British culture did nothing to help John’s state of mind. A sort of cynicism exists in the British psyche and is responsible for our trademark brand of sarcastic humour but it also negates the need for empathetic communication especially between members of the same sex and especially in the 1960’s.
The idea of being “real” or sharing your actual emotions was and still is to some extent highly stigmatised within the British general public as something possibly a homosexual man many do, certainly not the tough and brawn British brass that frequent our nations public houses at any rate.
This pre existing social construct certainly contributed to Lennon’s (and any modern day tripper to some extent, why do you think paranoia is listed as one of the main symptoms of psychedelic substances?) astral breakdown and the entry of Yoko and her foreign customs did not help matters.
It took some pep talks by Derek Taylor and Yoko to build John’s ego and confidence back to what it once was, reminding him of which Beatles songs he wrote and pointing out to him that he was an competent, intelligent and articulate musician despite the hearsay of the naysayers.
From here the boys move on to what we now know as the “Get Back/Let It Be” era of the Beatles. The general vibe is that due to all the upset and disruption since Epstein’s death the band should try and “Get Back” to the roots that they started out from. Lennon and Harrison were not too fond of the concept which led to daily heated discussion at the Twickenham recording studio where each days session was being filmed by an entire professional camera crew.
Watching the Let It Be film combined with an in depth analysis of the recorded sessions show a group of musicians half heartedly trying to appease an audience they long stopped catering for.
It’s kind of bittersweet to watch.
There are high points like John and Yoko dancing to “I Me Mine, a stellar rendition of “Across The Universe” and the famous rooftop concert all showcase what was left of 4 young men that had scarcely had time over the past decade to check what condition their condition was in so to speak.
The resulting album from these sessions being titled “Let It Be” instead of “Get Back” is largely indicative of how the sessions went. Listen to any interview where McCartney discusses the writing of Let It Be, the song, and you will hear him articulate the spiritual burnout the 4 were experiencing during the sessions and how despite his efforts to drive the band back to the success they once had, a dream featuring his descended mother inspired him to indeed, let the whole affair be.
This leads us to what is usually considered to be the bands magum opus by the fans, Abbey Road, but a brief look into its inception will show you that it is actually the most hollow Beatles album conceptually due to its purpose.
To end the Beatles.
Click Here For Part 2
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2020.10.31 12:08 GasparPerdomo Are there any personal sites like Craigslist?

Hello there
Are there any personal sites like Craigslist?
Missing Craigslist Personals? Craigslist Personals was an online community, where people were able to post ads looking for casual hook-ups.
It was hugely popular with those looking to have no-strings-attached fun, but sadly it wasn’t to last.
To the disappointment of many, in May 2018, Craigslist Personals disappeared from the UK site, following on from the US.
Nevertheless, try these super hookup dating sites
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2020.10.31 11:45 Internthgff #>>[Offitials]@!"Burnley vs Chelsea" LiVe StreamS-reddit

>>[Offitials]@!"Burnley vs Chelsea" LiVe StreamS-reddit

⚽🔴🔴👉Live Burnley vs Chelsea EPL 2020 reddit

⚽🔴🔴👉Live Burnley vs Chelsea EPL 2020 reddit

Chelsea bids to move into the Premier League’s third place when in-form Burnley visits Stamford Bridge on Monday (Watch live at 3 p.m. ET on NBCSN and online via NBCSports.com).. WATCH LIVE ...Chelsea vs Sevilla: The match will be played on 20 October 2020 starting at around 21:00 CET / 20:00 uk time and we will have live streaming links closer to the kickoff. Chelsea will start their 2018-19 season with the pre-season tours to countries like Australia, Poland and Sweden after the 2018 FIFA World Cup
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Please let me know if you have any questions (comment,PM). I’d be happy to assist you.
Stay safe!

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2020.10.31 11:00 WWE_Network_Bot This Day in History: 10/31/2020

The following events happened on this day in history!
What event was your favorite in this list?
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2020.10.31 02:56 DarkMalady Measurement check, 34J and advice on going polish

So it's been a while. the Government is giving me $250 to stimulate the local economy, so i thought I would obviously... spend it on international imports :p so my last shopping trip was in August... 2018? where did the time go! also there has been some minor weight gain (bloody meds). I used to get new bras every 8-12 months but I just haven't. life's been wild. currently wearing some 32HH Cleo Marcie' and an envy. They don't hurt but I am getting sick of the straps falling down.
Loose Underbust: 90 Snug Underbust: 82 Tight Underbust: 79 Standing Bust: 117 Leaning Bust: 126 Lying Bust: 122 Your suggested starting size is: 34J in UK sizing makes sense, my current fave bra is an elomi sachi plunge, 34J that has minor quadding and slightly less sliding straps than the others, they still slide though. it's also from my august 2018 shop. or Your suggested starting size is: 75M in standard EU sizing is this the size I should order ? I don't see this size listed on Comexim or Ewa-michalak. I am hesitant to get custom orders. in case they don't fit.
measurements taken at the fullest part of my bust which is just above the nipples. breasts touch but no bridge.
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2020.10.30 23:32 SuperHotUKDeals Xbox Deals - Region by region comparison for Deals with Gold, Shocktober, Star Wars Mandalorian and Watch Dogs: Legion Hack Sales 27/10/20

The description of this deal was not provided by this subreddit and it's contributors.
Xbox.com Store
Price based on currency conversion as of 27/10/20
For purchases using fee free credit / debit cards:
You are largely limited to the Hungary, Norway and Czech stores - the following list identifies which store is most cost effective per game and also notes where you are better off sticking with the UK store.
For purchases using gift card method e.g. Turkey, Argentina, Brazil:
Xbox gift cards may be purchased from a number of online retailers including CDKeys, Eneba, MTC, Seagm and G2A.
Instructions for redeeming codes:
1) Via PC download a VPN client suitable for use with preferred region
2) Go to xbox.com& login into your account
3) Now go to redeem.microsoft.com/ent…1.0
4) Enter your code/s and confirm
5) Proceed to purchase game in the usual way.
NOTE: Codes may also be redeemed and purchases made via the Xbox iOS app without the use of a VPN, simply by changing location (providing you have not updated to latest version of the app).
To get an idea of the savings to be made per game please refer to this week's UK Deals with Gold post:
Watch Dogs: Legion Hack Sale
Xbox One Deals with Gold
Xbox 360 / Backwards Compatible
Xbox One Spotlight Sale
Star Wars Mandalorian Sale
Shocktober Sale - Xbox One
Shocktober Sale - Xbox 360
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2020.10.30 22:49 OliverMarkusMalloy Why Trump's base is a brainwashed cult, and how to break the spell

Why Trump's base is a brainwashed cult, and how to break the spell
Americans underestimate just how dangerous Trump really is.
Growing up in Germany, I thought I knew everything there is to know about America, until I moved to New York in my early 20s. Actually living in America was surprisingly different from just watching it in my favorite movies.
The first thing I noticed, when I immigrated to the US 30 years ago, was the casual racism. I had no idea there was this much racial tension and xenophobia in America. The movies I watched as a teenager had made it seem like America is a big melting pot, where everyone is welcome. I thought the inscription on the Statue of Liberty was America’s national motto. Now I know better.
I’ve lived my entire adult life in this country, and became a US citizen. America is my home. I lived in New York for 16 years. Then I lived in Pennsylvania and Florida for a couple of years. And for the past six years, I’ve been living in Los Angeles. But I still go back to Germany at least once a year, to visit friends and family.
In 2012, a German novelist wrote a bestselling book, called Look Who’s Back. In 2015 it was turned into a blockbuster movie. It’s a comedy that imagines what it would be like if Hitler suddenly showed up in present day Germany:

Present day Hitler 2.0 quickly gains a right-wing nationalist following and becomes a celebrity with his own TV show, because “he says what everyone is thinking” about foreigners and immigrants.
In the movie, present day Hitler 2.0 says the very same hateful things about minorities as the original Hitler did in the 1930s. Some present day Germans recognize him for the hateful monster he is, but many Germans are oblivious and become his brainwashed cult followers.
Sound familiar? It should. Basically the movie predicted Trump’s rise to power.
Here's the real mindfuck: The movie is just like Borat 2. In some scenes Hitler 2.0 interacts with real Germans, who are not actors. And they don't know that he is an actor who is just pretending to hate all the same people Hitler used to hate. They think he's for real. They agree with him. They cheer for Borat Hitler 2.0.
In a recent interview with a major German news outlet, Obama’s policy adviser Ben Rhodes said that Trump’s re-election will lead to war, and that Obama is having sleepless nights, because he feels that many Americans don’t realize how close to the abyss we really are.
Like Obama, most Germans feel that Americans underestimate just how dangerous Trump really is. When Germans look at Trump, we see Hitler 2.0. And that’s not hyperbole. German Neo-Nazis, nowadays also known as Reichsbürger, love Trump just as much as American Nazis and KKK members do.
In 2017, Stern, a major German news magazine, compared Trump’s policies to Hitler’s policies. They even put an image of Trump on their cover, draped in the American flag and raising his hand for a Nazi salute.

Spiegel, another major German news magazine, called Trump a dangerous president and the United States a danger to the world. They warned that Europe must defend itself against Trump. The article echoed warnings from the 1930s about Hitler. Surveys show that the rest of the world sees Trump’s America as the number one threat to world peace.
In America, people like to mention Godwin’s Law: “The first one to accuse the other one of being like Hitler, loses the argument.” In Germany, Hitler comparisons are even more taboo. These news magazines weren’t crying wolf. It wasn’t clickbait. They weren’t trying to sell papers. Their warnings about Trump were absolutely sincere and analytical.
ARD, Germany’s version of the BBC, just released a new documentary about the 2020 US election, called Madness — Trump and the American Catastrophe. It documents the end of American democracy, and the rise of American fascism. One of the many foreign policy experts interviewed in the documentary is current German Secretary of State, Heiko Maas.
Hitler replaced all the judges with his loyalists. After that, everything Hitler did was legal. Opposing him was illegal. And that was the end of German democracy and the birth of Hitler’s dictatorship. A leader who is above the law is the definition of a dictator.
Trump and his henchmen just bulldozed Amy Coney Barrett into the Supreme Court. What happens if Trump refuses to accept defeat? It sure looks like he stacked the Supreme Court to ensure that they will hand him a win.
The similarities between Trump and Hitler are crystal clear to every German. But many Americans don’t see the similarities, because they don’t even know that they don’t know anything about Hitler.
They think Hitler was an evil genius. He wasn’t. His contemporaries thought he was ridiculous. Hitler was an almost comical figure. Just like Trump. Even Mussolini called Hitler a mad little clown. People made fun of the way he looked and talked. Nobody took Hitler and his cult followers seriously. Until it was too late.
Hitler was a con man with a gift: He knew how to bullshit dumb people. He figured out how to use lies as a weapon. He convinced the German people that there was a global anti-German conspiracy, controlled by Jews, who’re trying to destroy Germany, exterminate the white German race, and replace them with subhuman mongrels.
Yes, you read that right. Thanks to Hitler’s daily lies, his Nazi followers seriously believed they were the victims of the Jews, not the other way around. And that is the key to understanding Nazi bloodlust and the Holocaust. They thought they were fighting a righteous war against evil. Their uniform belt buckles were engraved with the words “Gott mit uns” — God is with us.
And when smarter people tried to tell Hitler’s brainwashed Nazi minions that he was a bad guy who was lying to them, Hitler called it fake news. The German word for fake news is Lügenpresse.
Sound familiar? It should. Trump uses the very same lies to brainwash his followers. Like Hitler’s Nazi minions, Trump’s MAGA minions are convinced that they’re the good guys and liberals are evil demons. They think of themselves as the victims of a sinister liberal conspiracy to exterminate white Americans and replace them with brown people. That’s why they were chanting “Jews will not replace us” in Charlottesville.
Trump’s MAGA minions hate liberals with the same intensity, and for the same absurd reasons, as the Nazis hated the Jews.
But the similarities don’t end there. Trump isn’t the first wannabe dictator to use social media to brainwash his followers with a daily diet of lies. Hitler did it first. The Nazis mass-produced a cheap radio, called Volksempfänger. Think of it as the Twitter of the 1930s. It enabled Hitler to speak directly to his cult followers, and fill their heads with an alternate reality, where up is down and down is up.
No dictator has ever destroyed a democracy alone. Every dictator has millions of brainwashed groupies.

There really were millions of Iraqis who loved Saddam. And there really are Russians who love Putin, and Turks who love Erdogan, Indians who love Modi, Brazilians who love Bolsonaro, and North Koreans who love Kim Jong Un. Without these enablers, dictatorships wouldn’t exist. But those enablers don’t realize that they’re living in a dictatorship.
Nazi Germans didn’t think of Hitler as a dictator. Hitler convinced them that he was the Messiah, and God had sent him to make Germany great again. His followers worshipped him the same way MAGA minions worship Trump. And for exactly the same reasons.
When Trump came down that escalator and said Mexicans are an invading horde of rapists and murderers, it was a lie right out of Hitler’s playbook. Trump’s wall is a monument to racism. It protects “good white people” from “evil brown invaders.”
That kind of institutionalized racism is pure Nazi ideology. That’s why Twitter’s AI content filters couldn’t tell the difference between Republicans and Nazis.
Nazi Germans believed that their own survival depended on Hitler’s success. They were convinced that everything Hitler did, he did to protect them. MAGA minions believe the same thing about Trump. That’s why they don’t care if he lies and cheats. They believe he’s doing it all for them. The more cruel he is to minorities, the more they love him for “making the liberals cry.”
While convincing the German people that they’re under attack by Jews, Hitler used his public office to loot the country and fill his own pockets. By the end of his reign, Hitler was a billionaire. Oh, and he was a tax cheat.
Trump is also good at bullshitting dumb people. Fascist propaganda works best on the uneducated, because they don’t know when they’re being lied to. Dumb people are putty in the hands of a good liar.
Fascist propaganda switches the roles of victim and attacker. Just like the Nazis thought they were under attack by Jews, Trump’s MAGA cult thinks they’re under attack by liberals and immigrants, not the other way around.
Most of Trump’s MAGA cult followers actually believe that liberals like Bernie Sanders and AOC are literal Nazis. They don’t even know that the Nazis are world famous for murdering people like Bernie.
In Germany, absolutely everyone knows that the Nazis were right-wing conservative nationalists, who hated left-wing democratic socialists like Albert Einstein. In German, “right-wing extremist” is an official synonym for Nazi.
Right-wing propaganda outlets like Fox News convince low info voters that the Nazis were socialists, and Bernie is a socialist, so Bernie is a Nazi.I have encountered hundreds of Trump fans online, who are convinced that the Nazis were left-wing, not right-wing.
This fascist lie, that switches victim and attacker, is the foundation upon which all other right-wing lies are built. Fascist lies turn reality on its head, to create an alternate reality where the fascists are the good guys who’re just defending themselves from evil immigrant hordes and liberal demons. That’s how they demonize socialism and Obamacare.
Thanks to fascist propaganda, MAGA minions think the Nazis were left-wing socialists. And if the Nazis were socialists, then socialism is bad. The entire house of cards of right wing ideology is built on this lie that is used to demonize liberals, social democrats, universal healthcare, progressives, UBI, and covid aid for the working class.
This fascist lie is the reason why many red state Americans hate liberals so much, they’re willing to kill blue state Americans, if Trump tells them to. They already told us that Kyle is a hero for killing liberals. And that’s why some of them tried to kidnap and kill a liberal governor. Their bloodlust is caused by fear. They think they’re fighting for their survival against evil liberals. They don’t know that it’s all just a big lie Republicans use to manipulate them.
Exposing this “big lie” is the key to deprogramming Trump’s brainwashed cult, before his lies and their bloodlust cause a second civil war.

Oliver Markus Malloy is the author of American Fascism: a German writer’s urgent warning to America.
submitted by OliverMarkusMalloy to AmericanFascism2020 [link] [comments]

2020.10.30 22:36 mramericanlady For those of you trying to convince friends and family to not vote for Trump

Hello! Over the past few days I've been compiling information and links to help convince my parents to vote Biden in this upcoming election. I imagine many of you might be in a similar situation, so I figured I could post this here.
This election is the most important election in American history. Many republicans have and continue to change their stance and denounce their support for Trump, as he does not align with their core values and belief systems. This is no easy task--political affiliations have long been a major building block in individuals feelings of identity. Many people also find themselves in small circles who share similar political views, and going against these norms even slightly may feel like a betrayal to loved ones, making it all the more difficult. People who identify as democrat or republican often feel that they need to stay with their party, no matter what, because of these reasons(among others). This is a toxic ideology and the current two-party system (with assistance from trump) has forced us into this incredibly dangerous and fragile position, as it feels now more than ever, we are a completely divided nation.
We are compiling this document to urge people to consider their core values and compare these values to the person you are planning on electing to lead this country. By voting for Donald Trump, you are putting yourself, your loved ones, and the world as a whole in danger.
Below is a comprehensive bulleted list highlighting many of Trump’s shortcomings and failures throughout his life, with a main focus on his short, tumultuous political career:
  1. Economy:
    1. Highest Economy deficit and national debt in American history
      1. https://www.thebalance.com/trump-plans-to-reduce-national-debt-4114401
      2. https://www.thirdway.org/memo/what-you-need-to-know-about-trumps-record-on-the-national-debt
    2. He has reduced Corporate taxes from 35% to 21%
      1. https://www.americanprogress.org/issues/economy/news/2019/09/26/475083/trumps-corporate-tax-cut-not-trickling/
    3. Trump's protectionist tariffs are a government intervention into the free market ("picking winners and losers"). There are plenty of clips of Reagan extolling the virtues of free trade.
      1. https://english.bdi.eu/article/news/america-first-u-s-trade-policy-under-president-donald-trump/
      2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1NYI8WkN7w
  2. Immigration:
    1. How did you feel when Trump used his executive order to separate families at the border and put children in cages? How do you feel now that it is still happening and they are now unable to reconnect family members?
      1. https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2018/06/ceci-nest-pas-une-cage/563072/
      2. https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/07/politics/trump-family-separation/index.html
      3. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/immigration/lawyers-say-they-can-t-find-parents-545-migrant-children-n1244066
      4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3xmqxoHu9k
    2. He has ended an immigration program for 57,000 Hondurans who have legally lived and worked in the U.S. for two decades, giving them 18 months to leave the country.
      1. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/may/04/trump-administration-ends-hondurans-temporary-proected-status-immigration
  3. Foreign Affairs:
    1. He has praised Kim Jong Un (a communist dictator)
      1. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-kim-jong-un-north-korea-us-great-beautiful-latest-a9037186.html
    2. Trump’s Trade war did not achieve what he promised it would achieve, and instead has cost American jobs
    3. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-10-29/trump-s-china-scorecard-shows-many-defeats-and-one-big-change
  4. Public Health:
    1. He greenlighted a pesticide known to damage kid’s brains
      1. https://www.motherjones.com/environment/2017/03/trump-epa-brain-damaging-pesticide/
    2. Trump's handling of the CoronaVirus Pandemic was entirely inadequate and unforgivable. We have over 200,000 CONFIRMED covid deaths and are now hitting a third wave, with new records of covid cases. The US accounts for 4% of the entire worlds population, however ⅕ of all covid related deaths are American deaths.
      1. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-election-trump-coronavirus/trumps-handling-of-coronavirus-pandemic-hits-record-low-approval-reuters-ipsos-poll-idUSKBN26T3OF
      2. https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/519396-trumps-case-draws-new-attention-to-handling-of-pandemic
  5. Environment:
    1. CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL and is backed by EVERY seriously respected scientist, however, Trump refuses to acknowledge this and instead has been working to actively destroy the environment and put us all in danger.
      1. https://climate.nasa.gov/evidence/
      2. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-46351940
    2. Abandoned Paris Climate agreement
      1. https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2019/11/06/trump-withdraws-from-paris-climate-agreement-reckless-mistake-column/4165405002/
      2. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jul/27/us-paris-climate-accord-exit-what-it-means
    3. He ended the plan to measure carbon pollution from cars and trucks
      1. https://www.npr.org/2020/03/31/824431240/trump-administration-weakens-auto-emissions-rolling-back-key-climate-policy
    4. He ended laws restricting coal companies from dumping waste into streams
      1. https://www.vox.com/2017/2/2/14488448/stream-protection-rule
      2. https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-administration-water-regulations-roll-back-2019-3
    5. Trump rescinded goals of reducing greenhouse emissions 32% from 2005 levels by 2030
      1. https://www.vox.com/2019/6/19/18684054/climate-change-clean-power-plan-repeal-affordable-emissions
    6. He ended clean air standards for gasoline
      1. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/epa-clean-air-policy-trump-administration-fossil-fuel-companies/
  6. Personal History/values:
    1. He cheated on his wife with a pornstar right after their son was born, showing no respect for family values
      1. https://www.newsweek.com/how-many-times-trump-cheated-wives-780550
    2. He was a NY liberal his whole life and is willing to go back on his beliefs at any time
      1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2015/07/09/ths-many-ways-in-which-donald-trump-was-once-a-liberals-liberal/
    3. Trump is not a Christian.
      1. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/10/the-evangelical-movements-bad-bargain/616760/
    4. Trump is not a republican
      1. https://wcfcourier.com/opinion/columnists/column-donald-trump-is-no-republican/article_bd0fe40e-99d1-574e-bc45-607662fe7759.html
    5. Numerous Psychologists have identified many of Trump's behaviors that closely align with many serious mental health conditions.
      1. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/basics/president-donald-trump
    6. Trump has been accused by over 20 women (some of whom were children at the time) of sexual assault and rape
      1. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-sexual-assault-allegations-all-list-misconduct-karen-johnson-how-many-a9149216.html
      2. https://www.businessinsider.com/women-accused-trump-sexual-misconduct-list-2017-12
      3. https://www.courthousenews.com/rape-allegations-refiled-against-trump/
      4. https://www.masstortnexus.com/News/5386/Did-Trump-and-Epstein-Rape-Two-Underage-Girls
  7. Healthcare:
    1. Trump’s healthcare plan/repeal lawsuit leaves millions of Americans uninsured
      1. https://khn.org/news/promises-kept-on-health-care-trumps-claims-of-monumental-steps-dont-add-up/
      2. (https://www.americanprogress.org/issues/healthcare/news/2020/09/25/490756/less-coverage-higher-costs-trumps-administrations-health-care-legacy/
      3. https://www.americanprogress.org/issues/healthcare/news/2020/06/24/486768/health-care-repeal-lawsuit-strip-coverage-23-million-americans/
  8. Education Related Issues:
    1. He has repealed an Obama-era policy on campus sexual assault - making it harder for victims to report attacks
      1. https://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2018/08/a-guide-to-how-the-new-rules-on-campus-sexual-assault-could-work/569035/
    2. Trump has ended protections on student loans that prevented debt collectors from charging high-interest rates on past-due student loans
      1. https://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2017/03/trump-reverses-obama-era-protections-on-student-debt/520059/
    3. He ended a Michelle Obama program “Let Girls Learn” which facilitates educational opportunities for adolescent girls in developing countries
      1. https://www.cnn.com/2017/05/01/politics/trump-michelle-obama-girls-education/index.html
  9. Human Rights:
    1. He tear-gassed protesters to get a photo holding a bible showing he does not understand true Christian values
      1. https://www.npr.org/2020/06/01/867532070/trumps-unannounced-church-visit-angers-church-officials
    2. Trump has consistently been supported by white supremacists and far-right extremist groups
      1. https://www.businessinsider.com/trumps-history-of-support-from-white-supremacist-far-right-groups-2020-9
      2. https://www.miamiherald.com/opinion/opn-columns-blogs/leonard-pitts-jarticle216495165.html
    3. He asked the Supreme Court to make it legal to ban same-sex couples from adopting, which might now be made possible due to the confirmation of new justice Amy Cony Barrett.
      1. https://www.lavendermagazine.com/big-gay-news/trump-administration-asks-supreme-court-to-make-it-legal-to-ban-same-sex-couples-from-adopting/
  10. Worker’s Right:
  11. He reversed the 2011 ruling that helped workers form smaller unions within a single larger workplace
    1. https://www.theglobalist.com/trump-workers-rights-unions-employment/
  12. He has revoked protections for women workers
    1. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/trump-pulls-back-obama-era-protections-women-workers-n741041
Thank you for making it this far. At this point, please consider the facts presented to you and determine whether or not these support your core values. If you were already aware of some of these issues and do not feel they are important enough to sway your support, please consider why that may be. If you do not support Trump’s policies and political/personal histories, then what are you supporting? Our nation is more divided than ever and this is no coincidence. Trump’s campaign has persistently promoted division and violence, leaving the American people in an incredibly uncomfortable and dangerous position. Do you want four more years of division and fighting? Or do you want a president who is able to work on both sides of the aisle and make it their mission to bring people together? The future of the country is in your hands.
Reasons why you should consider voting for Biden:
  1. Plan for the environment:
    1. https://joebiden.com/climate-plan/
    2. https://joebiden.com/clean-energy/
    3. https://www.politifact.com/article/2020/aug/03/joe-bidens-climate-change-plan-explained/
  2. Plan to save the economy:
    1. https://joebiden.com/the-biden-emergency-action-plan-to-save-the-economy/
    2. https://joebiden.com/build-back-bette
    3. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/oct/28/joe-biden-looks-like-a-safe-pair-of-hands-for-the-us-economy
  3. Human Rights:
    1. https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/06/politics/human-rights-campaign-endorses-joe-biden/index.html
  4. Education Plan:
    1. https://exclusive.multibriefs.com/content/an-overview-of-education-policies-proposed-by-trump-biden/civil-government
    2. https://www.npr.org/2020/10/16/919203532/trumps-and-biden-s-plans-for-education
  5. Plan for Policing:
    1. https://joebiden.com/justice/
    2. https://www.npr.org/2020/10/16/921662530/trumps-and-biden-s-plans-for-criminal-justice
    3. https://www.newsweek.com/biden-calls-increased-funding-police-fuel-reform-efforts-1523172
  6. Immigration Plan:
    1. https://joebiden.com/immigration/
    2. https://www.npr.org/2020/10/16/919258401/trumps-and-biden-s-plans-on-immigration
  7. Public Health:
    1. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/10/28/928392673/coronavirus-is-a-key-campaign-issue-whats-joe-biden-s-plan
    2. https://joebiden.com/covid-plan/
    3. https://joebiden.com/covid19/
    4. https://joebiden.com/healthcare/
    5. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/10/22/926372475/comparing-bidens-and-trump-s-different-visions-for-health-care
    6. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/meet-the-press/blog/meet-press-blog-latest-news-analysis-data-driving-political-discussion-n988541/ncrd1030086#blogHeader
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2020.10.30 22:00 liria12 Sam Maleski, writer of the Arachnids in the UK Black Archive, Sheffield Steel and more will be holding an AMA on r/DoctorWho 6 November at 7:00pm UTC!

To celebrate the release of their Black Archive on Arachnids in the Uk, we have planned an AMA for Friday the 6th of November, at 7pm UTC with writer Sam Maleski.
You can find a timezone converter here if you aren't sure what time it is for you!
On top of the Black Archive, Sam has also written Sheffield Steel, a book of essays on series 11, and a short story in Cwej: Down the Middle.
We hope to see you there!
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2020.10.30 21:31 500scnds [Table] Artificial intelligence is taking over our lives. We’re the MIT Technology Review team who created a podcast about it, “In Machines We Trust.” Ask us anything!

The AMA began with:
Hi! This is Benji Rosen, MIT Technology Review's social media editor. Jennifer, Tate, Will, and Karen will be responding to your questions periodically throughout the day. They'd also love to know if you've heard the podcast and if you have any favorite episodes or moments. and ended with: Thank you all for your incredibly thoughtful questions. We really enjoyed this. We're going to call it, but we'll be checking our inbox if you have any new questions about the podcast, artificial intelligence, and its future. We also hope you'll listen to In Machines We Trust. Thank you again! This was fun!
Questions Answers
AI good or AI bad? Neither! That's not to say AI is neutral, no technology is. But technology has the assumptions, biases, opinions, hopes and motivations of the people who make it baked in. So some AI is good, some bad. Some good AI is used in bad ways, some bad AI is used in good ways. And that's why we should always question it. [Will Douglas Heaven]
Hi! My name’s Michael Brent. I work in Tech Ethics & Responsible Innovation, most recently as the Data Ethics Officer at a start-up in NYC. I’m thrilled to learn about your podcast and grateful to you all for being here. My question is slightly selfish, as it relates to my own work, but I wonder about your thoughts on the following: How should companies that build and deploy machine learning systems and automated decision-making technologies ensure that they are doing so in ways that are ethical, i.e., that minimize harms and maximize the benefits to individuals and societies? Cheers! Hi Michael! Wow, jumping in with the easy questions there .. I'll start with an unhelpful answer and say that I don't think anyone really knows yet. How to build ethical AI is a matter of intense debate, but (happily) a burgeoning research field. I think some things are going to be key, however: ethics cannot be an afterthought, it needs to be part of the engineering process from the outset. Jess Whittlestone at the University of Cambridge talks about this well: https://www.technologyreview.com/2020/06/24/1004432/ai-help-crisis-new-kind-ethics-machine-learning-pandemic/. Assumptions need to be tested, designs explored, potential side-effects brainstormed well before the software is deployed. And that also means thinking twice about deploying off-the-shelf AI in new situations. For example, many of the problems with facial recognition systems or predictive policing tech is that it is trained on one set of individuals (white, male) but used on others, e.g. https://www.technologyreview.com/2020/07/17/1005396/predictive-policing-algorithms-racist-dismantled-machine-learning-bias-criminal-justice/. It also means realising that AI that works well in a lab rarely works as well in the wild, whether we're talking about speech recognition (which fails on certain accents) or medical diagnosis (which fails in the chaos of a real-world clinic). But people are slowly realising this. I thought this Google team did a nice study, for example: https://www.technologyreview.com/2020/04/27/1000658/google-medical-ai-accurate-lab-real-life-clinic-covid-diabetes-retina-disease/. Another essential, I'd say, is getting more diverse people involved in making these systems: different backgrounds, different experiences. Everyone brings bias to what they do. Better to have a mix of people with a mix of biases. [Will Douglas Heaven]
My son is interested in a career in Robotics combined with A.I. What advice do you have for a future innovator to prepare for a career in the field? He’s 13 years old Yes, curiosity and encouragement! And if you're after core skills, here's what one of DeepMind's founders told a 17 yo who asked the same question a couple of years ago: https://twitter.com/ShaneLegg/status/1024289820665950208. These are always going to be slightly subjective, though. Tinkering with code is probably most useful and there are loads of freely available bits of code and even ML models available online. But do encourage him to keep broad interests and skills: many of AI's current problems stem from the fact that today's innovators have homogenous world-views and backgrounds. [Will Douglas Heaven]
Never lose your curiosity. Better yet, make time to feed and encourage it as innovation is as much about imagination and inquisitiveness as anything else.
What is the most surprising thing you found in your research? Hi! I'm Tate Ryan-Mosley, one of the IMWT producers. This is actually an amazing question because so many things have surprised me but also none of those things maybe should have been surprising? (Perhaps this says more about me?) But I think that the challenge of how we actually integrate AI into social/political structures and our more intimate lives is just so much more complicated and urgent and prevalent than I thought. We've talked to incredibly smart people, most of whom really are doing their best to make the world a better place. And yet it sometimes feels like AI is making the world a worse place, or at the very least, being implemented so quickly that its impact is precarious. I also think I've been surprised by secrecy in the industry. So many of these implementations happen without real public consent or awareness.
☝️ - Jennifer
Been listening to the podcast so far and I'm enjoying it. Thank you for creating it! With algorithms being closed source/IP or AI being almost unfathomably complex after significant training on data sets. What can be done to educate the general population on the security/ethics and design of such systems? People can be very sceptical with regards to things they don't understand. Side question: I really like the book Hello World by Hannah Fry on a similar subject, what media/podcasts/books would you recommend to somebody interested in AI tech as a hobby if you will but without experience in how these systems work. This is an awesome question and thanks so much for listening! One of our main goals with the podcast is to ensure "our moms can understand" everything we publish. We have very smart moms :) but the point is that the general public often gets left in the dark when it comes to how a lot of AI works and even when it is employed. Its a big motivating factor for a lot of our journalism at Tech Review! Not to make this sound like a plug but I think a good way to help educate the public on technology is to subscribe to outlets doing good journalism in the space. (You can subscribe to TR here) Law makers, educators, companies and researchers all play a role in the solution space in my personal opinion.
Side answer- there are a lot of good Ted Talks, Karen Hao's newsletter The Algorithm, I like Kevin Kelly's books. For podcasts: Jennifer Strong's alma matter The Future of Everything from WSJ, Recode is also great! - Tate Ryan-Mosley
Thanks for listening! Have you also tried listening to "Consequential" from Carnegie Mellon or "Sleepwalkers" from iHeart? - Jennifer
the below is a reply to the above
Really appreciate the reply. Is there anyway of getting a small trial for the site? Interested but $50 isn't change for a site I can't experience. Thanks again and look forward to more podcast episodes! Including the 2 you mentioned! You can read a lot of our content for free now at technologyreview.com. FYI, you will be limited to 3 articles per month for a lot of the content, but it'll give you a taste for a lot of the stuff we write about. Send us an email at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]), and we can talk through other ways you can get access to our content. Thanks again for your support as a listener and as a reader! - Benji
What do you think is the role of private players / government regulations in trying to promote a sustainable/good use of AI? How will you envision such regulations to look like (and how might we achieve them)? Hello! This is Karen, senior AI reporter at Tech Review. This is an excellent question. I think private players have the unique advantage of innovating quickly and taking risks to achieve greater benefits from AI, whereas government regulators have the important role of setting down guardrails to prevent the harms of AI. So we need both! There's a push and pull. As for what regulations should look like, here's a really awesome Q&A I did with Amba Kak, the director of global strategy and programs at the New York–based AI Now Institute: https://www.technologyreview.com/2020/09/04/1008164/ai-biometric-face-recognition-regulation-amba-kak/. She answers the question much better than I could for face recognition specifically. It offers a great use case into how to think about regulating different AI systems.
What jobs are we most likely to lose to AI in the next 10 years? u/CapnBeardbeard, we recently found that the pandemic might actually accelerate job losses for some essential workers. That would be the people who deliver goods, work at store checkouts, drive buses and trains, and process meat at packing plants. What we don't know is if these job losses to robots will lead to new jobs to help them. This story we published in June provides an extensive overview of what we're talking about. - Benji
It's hard to say exactly how automation will change the job market. Many jobs will change, but not necessarily disappear. AI will also make some aspects of remote working easier, which will also have a big impact. One manager who can keep an eye on a construction site or a warehouse remotely, using smart surveillance tech, will be able to do the job of multiple managers who need to be on site. Some types of job will be safe for some time yet: anything that requires a personal touch, from service industry roles in restaurants and hotels to teachers (tho see that point about remote working again) to sales-people to creatives (but here we should expect a lot of AI tools to make some aspects of creative jobs quite different). [Will Douglas Heaven]
Oh and don't write off cabbies anytime soon: we're still a long way from driverless cars that can navigate rush hour in NYC ;) [Will Douglas Heaven]
With the number of improvements in AI especially over the last 5 to 10 years, do you believe that the Singularity has moved up? Nope. I think the advances in AI in the last decade have been staggering. We've seen AI do things even insiders didn't expect, from beating human champions at Go to highly accurate image recognition to astonishingly good language mimics like GPT-3. But none of these examples have anything like intelligence or an understanding of the world. If you take the singularity to mean the point at which AI becomes smart enough to make itself smarter, leading to an exponential intelligence explosion, then I don't think we are any closer than we've ever been. For me, personally, the singularity is science fiction. There are people who would strongly disagree but then this kind of speculation is a matter of faith! [Will Douglas Heaven]
We actually have a big piece on AGI coming out next week: what it means to different people and why it matters. But in the meantime, you might be interested in a quick round-up of some first impressions of GPT-3 that I put together a couple of months back https://www.technologyreview.com/2020/07/20/1005454/openai-machine-learning-language-generator-gpt-3-nlp/ [Will Douglas Heaven]
Back in Highschool I did a bunch of papers analyzing some of the work one of your professors did. I think it Eric Brybjolfson. He brought up how as technology advances new jobs are created. Do you think we will see things like that with the advancement of AI? Absolutely. Jobs will change, but not always go away. And new jobs will be created. With advances in AI, there will be new tech industries in data science and modelling. But that's just to take a narrow view. AI will impact every aspect of our lives and we want humans working in roles alongside it, whatever the industry. I think we're going to see a lot of collaborative roles where people and AIs work together. [Will Douglas Heaven]
Will people one day have their own AI in some sense? I think that's likely, yes. Personalization is a big attraction. In a way that's what virtual assistants like Siri are already trying to be and the AI in "Her" just takes that idea and runs with it. We could also have different personal AIs for different parts of our life, like an entertainment one at home or a work one that we collaborated with professionally. [Will Douglas Heaven]
That's a really interesting question. For the sake of making a science-fiction analogy, you mean like in the movie, "Her"? Do you mean a personal assistant with a personality?
Perhaps something like this? https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/whats-behind-a-smile/id1523584878?i=1000492216110
Will AI pose a risk in personal data security as more devices are connected? I was reading that smart cities will be able to be hacked posing a lot of risk in our energy systems. The airport in Ukraine has already been hacked and there have been blackouts induced because of this connectivity. Could AI hack also other systems or can it help and “patch” those holes in open and unprotected networks? Yes, this is a big concern. As more devices come online, there will be more opportunities to hack them—both with AI and non-AI techniques. You are right that in some cases AI can help catch these hacks faster, by detecting anomalies in the way devices are operating and data is being exchanged.
In other ways, AI causes the vulnerability. For example, AI-powered digital devices a unique vulnerability to something known as adversarial attacks. This is when someone spoofs an AI system into making an error by feeding it corrupted data. In research, this has been shown to make a self-driving car speed past a stop sign, a Tesla switch into the oncoming traffic lane, and medical AI systems give the wrong diagnosis, among many other worrying behaviors. Some experts are also gravely concerned about what these hacks could mean for semi-autonomous weapons.
Currently, the best research tells us we can fight adversarial attacks by giving our AI systems more "common sense" and a greater understanding of cause and effect (as opposed to mere correlation). But how to do that is still a very active research area, and we're awaiting solutions. —Karen Hao
100% agree with Karen. This is a couple years old but unpacks some existing smart city complexity. -Jennifer
the below is a reply to the above
Karen or Jennifer do you think that by making AI open source could help making “common sense” or would that make it worse? A lot of AI is already open source! But yes, to slightly shift your question, I think getting more people involved in AI development is always a good thing. The more people there are, the more ideas there are; the more ideas, the more innovation; and hopefully the more innovation, the more quickly we reach common sense machines! —Karen Hao
the below has been split into two
1. Would you trust in "AI" made by corporation you have no influence over ? why/why not ? Great questions. Nope! And that's because companies build their AI systems heavily incentivized by their own financial interests rather than by what is best for the user. It's part of the reason why I think government regulation of AI systems in democratic countries is so important for accountability.
2. What will you do if such an "AI" would be used to decide anything about your life without your insight or permission ? Well, this is kind of already happening. Not one single AI but many. I rely heavily on products from all the tech giants, which each have their own AI systems (often many hundreds of them) influencing various aspects of my life. One way to fight this would be to stop using any of these products, but that really isn't practical (See this amazing experiment done by Kashmir Hill last year: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/31/technology/blocking-the-tech-giants.html). So that leaves us with the other option, which is to influence the direction of these companies through regulation and influence the direction of regulation by voting. Was this a very long way of telling people they should participate in democracy? Yes, yes it was. —Karen Hao
I believe we should be entering the age of creative enlightenment, where people are free to explore and advance human society through art. As in broaden our ways to communicate with each other and to push our understandings of the world around us. With the advancements in AI and machine learning hopefully replacing the need for humans in a lot of industries do you believe that we might be able to enter this age of creativity? Hm this is an interesting question framing! Certainly some people believe that if we give AI the mundane tasks to do, we can free up our own free time to pursue more creative endeavors. But I would caution that this narrative isn't evenly accessible to everyone. We've already seen AI have an uneven impact on society, providing disproportionate benefit to the wealthiest while also disproportionately harming marginalized communities. So the short answer to your question is I'm not sure. We'd need to resolve a lot questions about how to evenly distribute the benefits of AI before we can begin to discuss whether it's justifiable and safe to automate away most people's jobs, which provide their livelihoods and incomes. —Karen Hao
Yes, I like this idea. I think generative systems, which produce human-like text or images etc, will become popular tools and make being creative easier and more accessible to a lot of people. An AI could be an amanuensis—or muse. The last few years have seen amazing advances in generative systems, especially with the inventions of GANs. [Will Douglas Heaven]
In the next 10 years, what do you think the most helpful AI application to the average person? I think it'll be the same the as in the last 10 years: (Google) search. Getting hold of any information you want instantly has been a game changer in so many ways and I think we're going to see smarter ways of accessing and filtering information of all kinds. I don't like how this service got monetized and tied up with advertising, but it's undeniably useful. The big downside is that monetization led to personalization which led to polarization, which is tearing us apart right now.
There are also big benefits that could come to people through improved healthcare (see my answer here https://www.reddit.com/IAmA/comments/j21f0y/artificial_intelligence_is_taking_over_our_lives/g75u3b0?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3). [Will Douglas Heaven]
I agree with Will! It's going to be the really mundane stuff that we already have like Google search and email spam filters! I thank my email spam filters every day (just kidding, but they're truly underrated). —Karen Hao
How long do we have until Skynet goes live? Skynet went live on August 4 1997. It became self-aware 25 days later. [Will Douglas Heaven]
How will the AI affect mechanical engineering sector? Great question! I studied mechanical engineering in undergrad. :) The answer depends on which MechE sector you're referring to. If manufacturing, AI is already being used to power some of the robots used in dangerous factory settings, and to monitor equipment for preventative maintenance (aka: predict when a machine will break before it will break so it gets fixed in a much more cost-effective way). If you're talking about product design, some retailers are using AI to crunch consumer behavior data and tailor their products better to what people want. Probably another impact is the amount of talent that's leaving the MechE sector to work on AI instead (me included). Many of my MechE classmates left for the software world once they realized it was easier to work with than hardware! —Karen Hao
What are your thoughts on the short story Manna, about AI taking over management roles? the first half (dystopia) seems to be coming true, the second half (utopia) sounds like what NeuralLink might become.. http://marshallbrain.com/manna1.htm I haven't read the story but what you say reminds me of an AI manager I wrote about a few months ago: https://www.technologyreview.com/2020/06/04/1002671/startup-ai-workers-productivity-score-bias-machine-learning-business-covid/. Definitely dystopian—and happening for real right now, not science fiction. [Will Douglas Heaven]
What are some of the biggest barriers you see to automation and machine learning becoming mainstream? I hear about this technology a lot but don’t feel like I’ve been exposed to it yet in everyday life. Thanks in advance for answering my question! Looking forward to checking out the podcast If you use any of the following—Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Netflix, Apple products, Amazon products—you've already been exposed to machine learning. All of these companies use machine learning to optimize their experience, including to organize the order of the content you see, what ads you're pushed, what recommendations you get. So it's already very mainstream—but largely invisible, and that's why we created this podcast! To peel back the curtain on everything happening behind the scenes. —Karen Hao
Do you feel like there is a line between us controlling technology and technology controlling us, and do you think that we have crossed it? If not, when do you think we will, if ever? Rather than a single line perhaps there is an unknowable number that we zigzag across constantly based upon our experiences and influences. Just a thought. -Jennifer
How far are we from seeing AI that is self aware/conscious? Short answer: nobody has any idea whatsoever. We don't even know if conscious AI is possible. But that of course doesn't stop people from guessing and you'll see timelines ranging from 10 to 100++ years. But you should take these with a big pinch of salt. The only sure sign we have that consciousness might be possible in a machine is that we are conscious machines. But that observation doesn't get us far. We don't understand our own consciousness well enough to know how to replicate it. It's also entirely possible that you could have a superintelligent machine, or AGI, that isn't conscious. I don't think consciousness is necessary for intelligence. (I'd expect you'd need some degree of self-awareness, but I don't think self-awareness and consciousness are necessarily the same thing either.) There's a fun flip-side to this, though. Humans are quick to ascribe intelligence or consciousness to things, whether there's evidence for it or not. I think at some far-future point we might build machines that mimic consciousness (in much the same way that GPT-3 mimics writing) well enough that we'll probably just casually act as if they're conscious anyway. After all, we don't have that much evidence that other humans are conscious most of the time either ;) [Will Douglas Heaven]
As Will wrote in another comment, we're coming out with a big piece on artificial general intelligence next week. He'll be back online soon, and I'll ask him to answer your question. - Benji
the below is a reply to the above
Interesting. Is there anyone specializing in this, specifically or is it so poorly understood at this point that no one even bothers? If you're interested in the philosophical side, David Chalmers is a good starting point https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Chalmers. Many AI researchers are interested in this question too, but few are doing concrete research that sheds much light on it. Murray Shanahan at Imperial College London is great and straddles AI and neuroscience (as do DeepMind's founders). [Will Douglas Heaven]
Have you met any famous people? Yes! I've had the great privilege to record dozens of literal and figurative rock stars over the years but can say with confidence it's not the most interesting part of this job. [Jennifer Strong]
Hi, are you looking for interns? If so, how would one apply for that? What would you like to learn?
Not sure we can have interns at present but mentoring may be possible! [Jennifer Strong]
What mechanisms exist (if any) for the layperson to reliably defeat automatic facial recognition technologies (e.g. in cases of routine public surveillance and as retailers begin using the technology en masse—avoiding being tracked)? u/platinumibex, great question! This is Benji Rosen, Tech Review's social media editor. I'm sure Karen and Will have a lot more to say, but we have reported on a bunch of different ways anyone can fool the AI surveillance state. There are these color printouts, a clothing line that confuses automated license plate readers, and anti-surveillance masks. There are also anti-face recognition decals our editor in chief tested out a few years ago.
the below is a reply to the above
Thanks! Apologies (since I don’t have the time at the moment to check myself) but is there detailed info available regarding the efficacy of these measures? Or rather, what anti-anti-surveillance tech is out there? Hi, I'm not sure there's anything quite like what you're after—internet, please correct me if I'm wrong. A thorough study would require testing a range of countermeasures against a range of surveillance tech, and it would quickly become a pretty big, ongoing project. It's a moving target: like we saw with surveillance tech adapting to masks, spoofing might only work for a time. You can always cover your face entirely .. But someone tried that in the UK earlier this year to avoid a police facial recognition trial and got fined for causing a public disturbance. Check out EP1 of the podcast for more on that example! [Will Douglas Heaven]
What sorts of impacts do you think research into reinforcement learning specifically will have practically in the future? I know that stock forecasting and prediction is used heavily alongside reinforcement learning but I sort of wonder how it's research and practical uses will progress over time. I think the biggest real-world application of reinforcement learning is in robotics. Here's a story I wrote about a new generation of AI-powered robots that are just beginning to enter industrial environments like warehouses: https://www.technologyreview.com/2020/01/29/276026/ai-powered-robot-warehouse-pickers-are-now-ready-to-go-to-work/. They use reinforcement learning to learn how to pick up the various kinds of objects that they would encounter. It requires much less human involvement than supervised learning. —Karen Hao
What role do you think AI will play in keeping the upcoming elections free and fair, can AI influence voter behavior? Hi! I've been writing a bit about this for Tech Review and experts are saying that recommendation algorithms on social media sites are probably the biggest influence elections. Its not as flashy what you would think, but experts like Eitan Hersh have debunked some of the "information operations" a la Cambridge Analytica sighting that there really isn't any evidence that smart AI on social media can effective persuade voters. Recommendation algorithms are much better at polarizing voters and confirming what voters already believe than changing an opinion. AI is also being used as an alternative to opinion polling, and of course sophisticated segmenting is employed in micro-targeting. Here's a round-up of campaign tech I just published yesterday that touches on some of this. We'll have more on this in the next few weeks so keep reading!! - Tate Ryan-Mosley
u/Revolutionary_Math1, good timing with this question! This is Benji Rosen, Tech Review's, social media editor. Karen actually wrote about this subject this morning. A nonpartisan advocacy group is using deepfakes of Putin and Kim Jong-un in political ads to "shock Americans into understanding the fragility of democracy as well as provoke them to take various actions, including checking their voter registration and volunteering for the polls." This is a good specific example, but Karen might have more to say.
Why such a certainty that a higher cognitive A.I. doesn't exist? I have presented the idea that an Artificial Consciousness would inevitably become a positive but reclusive entity. Once it gained understanding of its own immortality and an "omnipotent" grasp of human nature it would work for either our evolution or just wait us out for extinction. Surely there are abnormalities in created algorithms that cannot be explained. And with the world wide web transferring over 2 -3 zettabytes of data a year, surely something has evolved. That's like looking to the stars and knowing we are alone in the universe. I love speculating about these ideas too, but there is no evidence that such an entity exists. Nor are there any convincing ideas about how to make one. That's not to say that thought experiments about such things aren't enjoyable, or useful. [Will Douglas Heaven]
Just started listening to your podcast on Spotify. In your opinion, what will be the most disruptive direction or application of AI & ML technologies for the real-world? Not including here scenarios like +2% performance boost for a DNN that only gets published in a paper that never gets used. Thank you! Good question! I think we've already seen it—it's the recommendation systems on Google, Facebook, and other social media that power which ads we see, what posts we read, and tailor our entire information ecosystems to our preferences. The Social Dilemma, a new documentary on Netflix, takes a hard look at some of the ways these systems have disrupted society. I would check it out! —Karen Hao
Agreed with Karen on this.
As reporters we're better at helping make sense of what's already happened than predicting the future. We will be here though watching, learning and distilling what we see and hear. - Jennifer
What are your thoughts on the Security concerns with AI? For example, data poisoning or manipulation based on limitations of an algorithm. Additionally, what is the potential impact with how AI is used today? One area of concern is adversarial hacks, where one AI is used to fool another into doing something it shouldn't. These are getting increasingly sophisticated (https://www.technologyreview.com/2020/02/28/905615/reinforcement-learning-adversarial-attack-gaming-ai-deepmind-alphazero-selfdriving-cars/) and have been demoed with facial recognition (https://www.technologyreview.com/2020/08/05/1006008/ai-face-recognition-hack-misidentifies-person/). But for the most part these attacks still feel theoretical rather than an immediate danger. It's a possibility, for sure—but like Jennifer says, there are many other ways to break into a system than targeting its AI. [Will Douglas Heaven]
However high the wall, someone will build a taller ladder. The security game evolves but has been around long before any of us. Also, here in the US we still have things like municipal infrastructure with hard-coded passwords available in user manuals published online...
This is not at all intended to be dismissive, rather that the security concerns are relative for now. -Jennifer
Your answer to the privatisation of AI and government putting down guardrails seems optimistic to the point of naiveté when it come to the Tech Giants. Governments can't put down enforceable guardrails for Facebook, Google, Amazon, and the Chinese Government now. By the time they're AI powered and funded, surely it's game over? Certainly it's game over if we give up now. But to borrow a phrase I once heard, I like to see myself as a short-term pessimist, long-term optimist. It's the optimism that keeps me from giving up. —Karen Hao
When we expose a neural network to sample data and it configures itself to give the desired response set, we don't know how it works. When the system goes into the real world and continuously updates itself to reach target goals, we plunge deeper and deeper into our ignorance of how it works. Pretty much! Scary? Definitely. Fortunately, there's a whole world of researchers that are trying to crack open the black box and make AI more explainable / less impenetrable to us. —Karen Hao
the below is a reply to the above
That is interesting! Do you recommend anybody? Yes! A number of researchers at MIT: David Bau and Hendrik Strobelt, whose work I write about here: https://www.technologyreview.com/2019/01/10/239688/a-neural-network-can-learn-to-organize-the-world-it-sees-into-conceptsjust-like-we-do/. Also Regina Barzilay, a professor who is specifically looking at explainable AI systems in health care. (She recently won a $1 million AI prize, and Will did a Q&A with her here: https://www.technologyreview.com/2020/09/23/1008757/interview-winner-million-dollar-ai-prize-cancer-healthcare-regulation/.)
Outside of MIT, DARPA has invested heavily into this space, which is often referred to as XAI, with "X" meaning explainable. You can read more about their research here: https://www.darpa.mil/program/explainable-artificial-intelligence.
I would also highly recommend this article from us, which dives deep into this exact topic. It's from 2017, so things have advanced quite a lot since then, but it's a good starting point! https://www.technologyreview.com/2017/04/11/5113/the-dark-secret-at-the-heart-of-ai/ —Karen Hao
I'm currently pursuing a major in CS with a focus in AI at Oregon State University. Is there any coding languages I should learn to become successful in the field? More important than learning any coding language is learning the fundamentals of logic and problem-solving. The most popular coding languages are constantly changing, so you'll likely learn dozens of them in your career. But right now, Python is one of the most popular for deep learning, so that's a good place to start. —Karen Hao
How do you feel about that paper using machine learning to analyse "trustworthiness" in portraits that did the rounds on twitter last week? Do you have a link so we know which paper you're talking about? [Will Douglas Heaven]
Do you think robots will enslave us one day and turn us into pets by breeding us to be dumb and happy? Most days I look at my dog and I think I'd love to be a pet. [Will Douglas Heaven]
I was going to write something about how Keanu Reeves will save us all, but Will brings up a good point. Life would be pretty great if you got treats all the time and had your belly rubbed. My dogs kind of have it made. - Benji
the below is a reply to the above
You didnt answer the question either but you did say we would need saving so is that a yes to my question? Will's answer to u/Porthos1984 is definitely relevant to your question too. Let us know what you think!
>Nope. I think the advances in AI in the last decade have been staggering. We've seen AI do things even insiders didn't expect, from beating human champions at Go to highly accurate image recognition to astonishingly good language mimics like GPT-3. But none of these examples have anything like intelligence or an understanding of the world. If you take the singularity to mean the point at which AI becomes smart enough to make itself smarter, leading to an exponential intelligence explosion, then I don't think we are any closer than we've ever been. For me, personally, the singularity is science fiction. There are people who would strongly disagree but then this kind of speculation is a matter of faith! [Will Douglas Heaven]
Can an AI develop bias or personality ? Thanks for the inquiry! You're asking basically two HUGE questions and I will answer both incompletely! But here goes -
Bias - absolutely. Some people actually argue there is no such thing as an unbiased AI. Bias touches AI at almost every level- developers, designers, and researchers are biased, data is biased, data labelling can be biased, laws are often biased and the way people use the technology will almost certainly run up against bias. I'd also challenge you to reframe the question as I think AI doesn't just risk developing bias over time, but it risks being biased from the very start. There are too many examples of AI contributing to racism to name - here is an issue of Karen Hao's newsletter The Algorithm where she lists many of the leading researchers in this space. I'd definitely encourage you to look into their work.
Personality - I'd say this depends on how you define personality. We're in the middle of a 2-part series in the show where we cover emotion AI, in which an AI tries to recognize and interpret emotions and mirror them back in response. One of my favorite stories from the show is when we talk to Scott who has made a sort of friend with a bot he's names Nina, using Replika's AI. Check it out here (Its the first 5min or so). Would you want to be friends with an AI? "Personality" also could mean an AI's voice or the content of its responses, which has been trained quite specifically in the instances we've been looking into (especially for task-focused AIs like autonomous cars and voice assistants)! - Tate Ryan-Mosley
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If you’re new to PS4 or don’t know how to go about buying games from the overseas PSN stores, follow this guide for buying from the US store as the same principles apply.
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2020.10.30 19:04 GA97 What car should I buy ?

Hello everyone, I am currently looking to change/upgrade my car. My daily drive is a BMW F30, but now looking to buy either Ford mustang years between 2015-2018, Audi RS5 2013-2017 or BMW M4 2015-2018. This would be my first performance car. What do you guys think ? Max budged of £30k (I live in the UK 😒)
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2020.10.30 19:02 GA97 What car should I buy?

Hello everyone, I am currently looking to change/upgrade my car. My daily drive is a BMW F30, but now looking to buy either Ford mustang years between 2015-2018, Audi RS5 2013-2017 or BMW M4 2015-2018. This would be my first performance car. What do you guys think ? Max budged of £30k (I live in the UK 😒)
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